Why can not the universe just give me what I want?

Why can not the universe just give me what I want?

Why does not the Law of Attraction?

Do you know that these issues, or even like them sometimes.

we feel pretty clear about what we want. We want a loving partnership. We would like the money in the bank. We want a house on the beach. We want to be right and perfect career. I want the team to win the game. We want to release these damn & # 39; £ 10.

God, the spirit of the Universe, the essential or higher self, the unified field (who is, or whatever we believe it gives the power to give or not) does not seem to pay attention.

The truth is that we all tell stories, why it is or is not things you want. You may not know these stories because for us it seems as if the way it is. And it's not a positive force against the universe these stories, because to do so would be against the violence of creative nature, and because too often press against the stories of recovery has the effect of making us stick to them. The stories play as background music to our hearts and minds, and influence everything we think, say and do.

Some popular themes we tell the story [of

  • I have to earn what I get. No pain, no gain.
  • Life is both good and bad things. If you do not have the grief we were not able to appreciate the ups.
  • Spirit knows better than I do, and if I do not get what I think I want to be, because it & # 39; It s not my highest good.
  • There are lessons for me to learn before I can get what I want. Or I not getting what I want to teach me lessons required.
  • This is not pleasing to the universe for us to want material things.
  • This is not noble to get what we want; It's better off without him. We will be rewarded later.
  • This is not OK for me to want to get the thing when others are suffering.
  • The proper use, this life of self-denial of the body; if we want things yet to show the weakness and unworthiness. (If you do not believe it, a quick Google search of fundamentalist religious groups.)
  • [1945901million] I & # 39; I'm doing something wrong, and that & # 39; and why can not I manifest my dreams.

  • If I get what I want, I & # 39; ll pay for it later.

a universal point of view, these are just stories. The Universe does not judge them. If it & # 39; and to tell us what we want in life, it is our privilege and the Universe compliant create an entire existence around them. It is a universal point of view, they are not truths. And from this point of view, they are tricky to navigate.

often hear stories from clients about such life. "I'm not very lucky with love or money." "Life sucks, and that & # 39;. S just the way it is" "The poor eyesight or hearing or memory just a part of aging." "I & # 39;. M is just a careless man, I'm not doing very well responsibilities" "My family abuse." "I do not just energy."

The last thing you want to do as a coach, I have fed these stories any way. They limit. These are not true, and the clients they have caused distress and misery. So I can not agree with the assessment, as the universe does not really agree with the restrictive stories we tell ourselves. But I do not want to contradict any of my clients. Doing a defensive reaction at risk, and I know that it is not expedient that clients will dig in their heels in a position, and insists that the story is true. I've heard customers goes a long long lists evidence that the story is the absolute truth.

I know my clients, people everywhere are doing something mysterious and wonderful to have this opportunity called life on Earth. I do not know what it is exactly, but I want to respect each other a & # 39; s unique approach to figuring it out yourself. So I will try, as I can imagine that the forces of the universe to do something much larger scale to hold a different story for my clients in my heart. I offer as an idea if there is an opening, but mostly I just do not see them my best, and unlimited lives, unencumbered history by un-encrusted story.

I imagine that the universe is not the same for all of us, patiently waiting for eternities us to mature the story we tell ourselves. The next time we ask why the universe does not give us what we want, we want to go deeper into the stories we tell ourselves and question the assumptions of what is true. We can only find a way to lift the restrictions and are happy to receive all long for.

Source by Sue Bryan

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