Vs The statements confirming the prayer – Is there a difference?

The statements using powerful tools to help you build an enhanced awareness, improve your thinking and change your thinking to change your life. If so uplifting prayer method claims at a higher level in a harmonious and that nature is stronger application of the law of judgments and better results increase work through it on your behalf.

Let me explain the statement prayer / positive difference in the following way: One of the drawbacks that can occur when you talk about the allegations come from well inside his own way of thinking.

Example …
Speech "I am prosperous" sounds like a very good and simple recognition and on the surface it seems like a very good self-talk statement. And most of the. A problem arises, however, when something in the mind / body (probably deep in the subconscious mind), resists the information and "secretly" looking past conditioning triggers refute it. If (hypothetically) you can get information that challenges the confirmation (ie bank statement, a car note bills, etc.) can be neutralized by the statement of his own mind, which limits & # 39; and the effectiveness or even reversing any positive results.

Let & # 39; and talk to says the same idea of ​​"welfare" is an affirmative prayer formats. "Every day and in every way I'm developing enhanced prosperity consciousness I get the power of God through me, and this performance dissolve any past or current-limiting thoughts, known or unknown to me, and delivering to me a mindset of Power, Prosperity, Love and abundance and accept this delivery. Thank God. "

in this example, & # 39; ve eliminated any statement that puts resistance on the mind / body connection. Prayer is one that builds strength, mental clarity and harmony, while the inherent right to initiate growth in nature, compelling us to work through our behalf.

Source by Ed Lemberger

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