Use Feng Shui For Good ancient wealth, well-being and health

The feng shui study, the main entrance is held in the mouth when the external qi enters and flows rest of the house. The facade, design, shape and size of the front door is believed to have a significant impact on your luck, prosperity and general welfare of the family.

The selection of the iron gate of the main entrance, to avoid the arrow or spear designs. Sharp structures to create a destructive energy that brings health problems in the family.


principle of good feng shui design, size and design of the front door should match the size and outlook of your home. Ideally, the main entrance, there is a positive test dictated by feng shui ruler. For example, a large house with a small front limit the influx of qi to the house, thus affecting luck and prosperity for the residents.

Next to the door is a bright open space invites yang qi (life force) in the house. The main door opens into a wall restricts the sun and not the smooth passage of qi to the house.
Next door does not form a straight path through the back door. Qi to enter the house will be funneled through the back door, without enough time to circulate around the house. A quick exit would hurt the finances of qi passengers. They tend difficulty in accumulating wealth or savings income.
Avoid cluttering the entrance of the house obstructive objects (such as old newspapers, games or high cabinets). Unnecessary objects or furniture blocking the flow of qi to the house, thus affecting the fortune of the residents.

This is unfavorable to the toilet door when he entered the house. Bad vibes will rush to the toilet to the main entrance of the causes of poor health and bad luck.

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living room

a living and leisure space and a place for the family to entertain the guests. Living provide a warm and cozy feeling of relaxing after a day of non-voice & # 39; s job to read a newspaper or watch television. Good lighting furniture arrangements and color combinations enhance the flow of qi and pleasant atmosphere to the house. This in turn bring forth a flow of good fortune and opportunities for friends, colleagues, bosses or business associates.

This is under the seat of the negative pressure on the columns and roof in place without the support of the wall on the couch.

unnecessary cluttering your living room furniture and possessions (such as toys, boxes, old newspapers and documents) restrict the circulation of qi.
Ideally, the seating arrangement on the couch for the support of a solid wall, and that the people have given a clear picture of the door.
antique statues decorating the house increases the Yin Qi home. Antique figurines unearthed ancient sites usually carry the energy of the previous owners and attract spirits.
Avoid too many empty vases around the house. Empty vase known as Ping Kong, China, which sounds like poverty.

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On an average, a person spends about a third of their time resting in bed. Since the bedroom is a sanctuary where one rejuvenating the body and nourish the energy of the place and facing the bed affects sleep quality, which in turn affects the health and luck, who sleep there.

Enables a small bed in the morning sun energizes the qi, which in turn promotes good health and relationship.

Avoid bedroom which is irregularly shaped. Missing corners or sharp edges pillars which are simply destructive energy.
bed should always be placed on a solid wall or use as a headrest support.
Avoid too many open shelves in the bedroom. Open shelves like the edge of a knife, and it must be covered with doors
sleep under a ceiling fan or ceiling light pointed question tends to radiate the negative vibrations that affect a & # 39; s health.
Put the bed carefully, because unfavorable to ignore the toilet bowl. Scent and steam rushing toward the bed would bring forth poor health and bad luck.
should be avoided during sleep exposed beams and overhanging cabinets. exertion of pressure downstream of the head may cause headaches and nightmares.

Placing sharp objects (such as swords or scissors), a feng shui taboo under the bed, which produces series of misfortunes.
Avoid sleeping on your head, with the bedroom door. The qi rushing to the door, do not interfere with sleep causing unrest.
The human body is most vulnerable when you're sleeping. Sleeps next to a full-length mirror distracts people qi. In the evening, one is frightened by its own reflection.
Do not put a TV or computer in the bedroom. electrical appliances issued by long-term exposure to harmful electromagnetic radiation of a & # 39; s health.
Avoid toilet behind the bed, stove and air-conditioning compressor application that generates negative energy that may interfere with one & # 39; s sleep and health.

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feng shui, the fireplace is an important area that controls the health, financial and bearing offspring. Since food is usually prepared in the kitchen, and a view of the placement of the stove will have a direct impact on the health of the family. "Health is Wealth".

This is a Chinese custom of the family to pray for God's fireplace during the Chinese Lunar New Year season. China believed offerings sticky sweet desserts on the stove to God, it would not be able to talk about the wrongs of the family in heaven.

positioning without the support of the stove to the wall will cause the qi to disperse, and compared against the stove directly from the tap will result in clashes between elements of water and fire.

The stove can not be seen directly opposite the main entrance to the toilet or check financial loss.
For security reasons, to avoid locating the wash basin close to the stove. The conflicting elements of both fire and water tend to elicit frequent quarrels and that financial troubles.
The stove can not be set up in an upper beam, which affects the health of the female residents.
This negative blender or food drops on the stove cooking utensils. Always keep the burners on the stove clean and in working order.

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