to be free from poverty, mental strength

Financial three-stage plan, money formulas and sowing and reaping writings are all well and good, but if you have submitted a poverty citadels and hidden in the mind, you never enter the ramp-rich areas. If you feel you may be able to keep a mental battle poverty is a land rich in space and want to be free, then this article is for you.

Gary was a Christian who had been teaching in the temple, it is good to worship and serve God, but to a lot of "things" were not acceptable. The "prosperity message" was taboo. However, he discovered that in God & # 39; s Word, the financial well-being was the Christian & # 39; s inheritance and we are blessed to be a blessing.

So Gary began to implement the truths being studied, but instead of being out of debt, and enjoying the abundant life, he continued to flounder financially and was in debt. Fortunately, one day, the Lord revealed to him the problem. All previous teaching you how wrong it was to seek the welfare of poverty has become a stronghold of the mind, that it was his God ordained rich area. The Lord revealed to him how to kill, to battle with God & # 39; s huge powerful weapon, the Word of God.

"It is not my word like fire? Saith the Lord, and like a hammer that breaks the rock in pieces" (Jeremiah 23 29)?

The Lord & # 39; and training was not easy. To destroy the stronghold of poverty was to talk about three scriptures aloud four hours a day in his mind, until he fell down in his heart, and it became a reality. This release has a stronghold poverty keeps God-given wealth. Here, the three being scriptures the Lord instructed him to speak aloud

"Lack of lions and hungry, but seek the Lord, you do not want to be a good thing" (Psalm 34:10). "For ye know the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, that though he was rich, but for your sakes became poor, that ye through his poverty of the rich" (2 Cor 8: 9). "But my God shall all your needs according to his riches in glory in Christ Jesus" (Philippians 4:19).

say you have to spend four hours a day spoken aloud these promises to destroy the stronghold of poverty might be? No. How much time you spend a day in declaring these promises of prosperity to you. But they say it is, the more time you spend doing it, the faster the results.

I suggest starting out with fifteen minutes a day and increase it to one half hour or more. Gary said that within three weeks she noticed a difference in her life and she was finally free from poverty waiting to be detained. He received a revelation that God is the source, and none of her business, government, or anything else.

Incidentally, this formula works three scriptures in any area of ​​your life: healing, trust, deliverance from bondage in some guilt, weight loss or anything. Just find three articles that relate to your problem and you go away.

Source by Philip C Jones

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