The power of the secret Egregores that you create unlimited success and desired reality

call it what you will – consensual reality, collective consciousness, zeitgeist, archetype, or the matrix, and you can not be too from the powerful truth a little-known phenomenon, an egregore (spelled without the final "e"). Whatever label you choose to this mysterious entity, be aware that it has the ability to influence, to influence and to create an external reality and the way we perceive what is "there".

comes from the Greek word meaning "Monitor", an egregore is understood a number of influential organizations (including those of the occult circles), to a collective thought-form that you like by consistently voltage groups of people purpose and aspirations, It takes a life of its own ethereal dimension. If the creation of such an entity is a deliberate, purposeful and consistent, it can be very powerful, and you can call your members of the group to help them achieve specific goals and desires.

to create a variety of egregores consciously or unconsciously, all levels of society – the family unit all the way companies, nations, and even racial groups. The animals' own egregores as a hive-mind behavior and herd instinct – traits which, unfortunately, are also members exhibited many closely intertwined with the human body, including the cult, fundamentalist religions and isolated nations.

Knowledge is the jealously guarded egregore within the framework of secret organizations – a very strong reason. These astral entities are able to either help people manifest your desired reality, or the other extreme, act as the reality of prisons in order to exploit the few who control this secret knowledge.

Interestingly, most of the people who belong to social clubs, cultural homogeneous communities and work environments intuitively see "Group Code" or " team spirit 'organizations. Little do they realize that the non-physical or ethereal level, there is a real unity, embodying the common objectives, goals and aspirations.

Many egregores begin quite humbly – by normally induced innocent, lustful desires, who do not realize is that the random thought-generated capable of combining similar thought-forms, ultimately strengthening and autonomy. On the other hand, when an individual or group deliberately and consciously create the objectives of the energy unit using the so-called slave is created.

These "helper" energy forms have a certain degree of intelligence – which is why they often strive to be autonomous and independent, as strong egregores expand. Therefore, when creating a slave, in addition to always ensure compliance with the legislation as long as possible.

If egregore continuous voltage (and There are many ways to do this) it was so possessive and all-consuming that its members are often difficult to escape its influence, does not understand that they are addicted and to those groups and organizations. If you are at all interested in trying to "ride" to the power of an existing egregore create the desired reality, make sure that you are in its fully aware of what I get.

really like the mythical genie-in-a-bottle, you can tap the unique reality streams such ethereal bodies in order to manifest desires beyond your wildest dreams – especially if you are an existing egregore created to support the goals are similar to your own. The most infamous secret societies still exist (I & # 39; Are you sure you can think of a few) have well-established egregores which has been created by past generations in order to promote the founders of the points of his career, the members of the power structures and property.

It is no coincidence that organized religious ceremonies and rituals can be repeated use, while the average church-reaching remain aware that these rituals designed to drain psychic energy to feed and strengthen the existing egregores. Miracles of these and other unusual or unexplained phenomena often merely a physical manifestation of a well-established religious egregores.

Egregores not be taken lightly, nor should they should be ignored. Most life & # 39; Conditions and brought physical "reality" as a result of such entities as those created by consensus interact with each other in an ethereal level.

already iconic by

representation of reality matrix sci-fi books and movies can only be limited, often skewed idea of ​​the real egregore phenomenon. The truth is, there are many types and shapes, each unit competes with astral "space" in their efforts to manifest on the physical plane.

The companies and the country is aware of the very power egrgores and continually strive to enhance the use of these matrices techniques such as brand and subconscious symbolism. As the general population unquestioningly embraces the impact of these huge egregores, you unwittingly energy of these private prisons is a kind of ethereal endless-loop mechanism is often unavoidable.

to use the existing egregore achieve or choose one (egregore) that has been proven and which was created to further specific goals, which agrees. The key is to remain fully aware of what is happening in the invisible (etheric) level when not betoppanjunk egregore.

Be courageous, but also well informed. This hidden feature is that the "powers that be," control the masses – but who says that you can not play the same game in their favor?

There is a lot of research on this subject (although you will find that most of the information will remain deliberately hidden in plain sight). Indeed, this knowledge is extremely strong, and perseverance and sufficient information, it is rewarded beyond your wildest dreams!

Source by Edwin S Lopez

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