The Power of Blessing Money

We all know that open the channels must bless abundance of money and those who have it and use it for good.

Of course, this is not our business to judge why a person should use the money for expensive cars and mansions, where half the world is starving. It is not necessary to judge the actions of others. This is not so well. Accepting the fact that it is okay for others to cash and property, is an important step in opening up the channels. This means that if people have money, there is also money to us. The universe is very generous, and there is enough for everyone.

So we have to bless. There are a few things you can do to start now. Here are some of them.

1. Bless money

may think that you can not bless because they do not have this. Not true. No matter how much you have, as long as they focus, not how much it does. Think about the amount you and bless you. I like to say the following statement when I think about the money ". Divine Love blesses and multiplies all I have, all that I, and all you get"

2. Bless stuff

What are your assets? Bless them all. You will realize that a lot more than you think. Bless fridge, a washing machine, the car, the furniture, decorations, lights and shades, telephone, computer, tableware, toiletries, pens and paper for … you get it.

3. Bless the bills

Now this seems to be the most difficult. Who wants to bless your credit card bill? Or the phone or electricity bills? However, the bills reflect abundantly, for I say to you that certain things have been enjoying what was important or necessary, and that the living comfort or that you feel well or have helped to achieve something. For example, if you use your credit card to pay for gas. This gas was your car will take you to places that you wanted or needed to go. Bless the gas bill.

Bless the fourth source of money

Now you have two options here, and want to bless them both. The first work, which is one source. Even if you do not like your job, remember those who do not have one, and so do not have the luxury of making money on their own. The second source of the universe or God. If you trust that God "gives" you let go of distrust and you will see that the universe is always something for you, no matter how difficult the current financial situation.

5. Bless others

If you see a car you like, bless the car and the driver. If you see a house that appeals to you, and bless the residents. If you see someone dressed with clothes you want, bless the man. If you see the kids want toys to give to children, bless people and children. Always blessed more than this person. But no matter what you seem to want to consider it, instead of being envious or jealous of the person that, say to yourself: "I'm gonna get me one of this can also be the God bless you and your family.."

Source by Maria Moratto

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