Should you cut the tree? Trees Feng Shui

harming the tree Helping Me?

One of the most common question we get in our practice of "What to do with my tree?

trees on a beautiful, glorious and vital part of our planet and an integral and recognized vitality the practice of Feng Shui

Although it is true that some trees may block a positive chi is like poison arrows the answer is not to cut off this gift of the beautiful nature, there are ways to work with wood, that Killing living vital part of the best results. nature is not the answer.

Trees associated wiring return oxygen for us to give us the food, shade and protection, we must ensure that we turn do our best to make sure to survive, if possible in a few quick tips Wood.

first tree felling


? Yes, sometimes you have to cut down trees. For example, if a tree is sick, rotten and can not be helped, then this decaying energy will more than likely reduce the good chi in the area, and in fact created the disease and the yin energy, which is very well through the residents of the Home. If you can not be saved, then cut off

2. What about the one before my door?

The most common tree problems of Feng Shui, when the tree directly in front of the door. This effect can also serve as a block in terms of opportunities, prosperity and abundance. But wait, do not cut off! First, remove any branches that allow the flow of chi around as much as possible, the next to hang bells on the tree game is to help the chi around the tree. If you still do it over another wind chime directly to the front door and put a mirror or other reflective decorated by the front door that is essentially a reflection of the trees and challenging energy back away from the door! That should do the trick!

3. Health and Family Trees

The trees are beautiful bring health and well being that you and your family. If you plant trees on most of the big strong easterly direction to the lot to protect this aspect of your life. The pine tree is an ideal in this area, as they ensure a long service life.

4. Protection of Trees

There are many ways that trees actually protects us. We all know that they offer shade and sustenance. But in terms of Feng Shui also offer a way to block provides poison arrows affect us. If there is something us across the road, the tree can be used directly pointing to prevent that energy. The trees also serve as a so-called "mountain support" in Feng Shui. The back of the home there is always something that is tall and supportive – ideally higher than in the home. Fences, neighbors homes, lights offer this support, but ideally tall trees can act strong defenders.

five wooden prosperity and abundance!

Only the trees can bring health and well being – they also bring abundance and prosperity. If you have the opportunity to plant a flowering tree on the property, the SE compass direction (in the area of ​​wealth) is ideal. Trees, flowers and fruits in orange, red, purple or ideal! (Think apples, orange, lavender and, of course!).

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