Reiki Prosperity, Abundance and Financial Success

Quite a few people have written to me asking how to use Reiki to abundance, prosperity, and / or
financial success in their lives. This article is a slightly shortened version of my blog entry
matter. Please click on the link below to read the longer version.

I & # 39; I'm going to be a few ideas of Reiki to achieve abundance, prosperity and / or financial success.
But before I do that, I would like to mention that this is an area where Reiki and Feng Shui is associated with a very
very much. Many books on Feng Shui specifically tell you how to set up the environment for the promotion of abundance and prosperity.

I want to acknowledge something before I continue the discussion. In some people, the word Reiki and Reiki or money and financial success in the same breath makes them cringe. They view Reiki as pure love, a spiritual calling, and to introduce the idea of ​​money for the holy realm of Reiki is abhorrent to them. If this point of view, I completely understand and respect his position. I have known many areas healers who felt the same way.

But I have a little more of a pragmatist and a realist. We recognize the need to make a living, and you need to support families. Even more importantly, I realized the negative effects of poverty and monetary uncertainty for us.

If a person feels financially insecure, even threatened, that person may find it very hard to pay attention to the psychological aspects of the / his life. If anyone so much financial trouble, thinking "How will I pay the bills?" And "we lose the house?" occupy so much that a person & # 39; s energy and time that could hardly think about things like helping others heal.

This means that poor people with financial difficulties and can not be spiritual and can not help others to heal? Of course, this does not mean that. However, survival becomes more important questions, and a lot of people, these issues can interfere with the ability to make them any energy healing and spiritual issues. We are all human, a limited amount of energy and resources at our disposal at the moment.

In addition, however, I do not think that there is something inherently wrong with the desire for abundance, prosperity
and financial security. We live in a world that is run by the money; this is the reality we live in, no matter
how they wish it were not so. Enough money, you are in big trouble! If you have enough money, you can turn your attention to more easily help others.

Everyone should define what constitutes a "sufficient money" for them. For example, I do not like the idea that Reiki win the lottery or win a game of chance. Frankly, I do not like the energy of gambling, because so many people & # 39; and ruined the lives of gambling.

Having said that, however, I leave that up to you to decide how much money is "enough." The people who
turn to me being a Reiki usually want to have enough money to pay your bills on time and a good home for families. Some of them started to practice Reiki and other healing and want those practices that financially successful that they all help and support to others

The "abundance" can be interpreted. The abundance is not necessarily the same as that much money, and that is very rich. Each person must decide what "abundance" for them. Someone who does not have a lot of money, but he had a lot of friendship and love that you feel that life is full of abundance. Having a sense of abundance allows us to feel satisfied with what we have. This assumes, of course, not to struggle to find the money to eat every day, or do not live in a safe place.

You can use Reiki to attract abundance in many ways. Here are a few suggestions:

1. Draw the power symbol of Reiki distance signal and a piece of paper and put them in your wallet or purse. Every time you see them there, think of the abundance / wealth produced that the whole time and distance. We also make these signals to tuck a bottle of coins and the back of your checkbook.

2. Draw the Power Symbol Palm Chakras each morning. This will serve as a symbolic reminder of how money changes hands, and it helps to raise the money on hand.

3. Aventurine stones or Malachite stones, each of which is often used to represent the money. Place the
stone in one hand while drawing on the power and / or long-distance Symbol over that hand with your other hand. Concentrate on the idea of ​​wealth flows from. Let the stones next to the checkbook, wallet, purse, etc.

4. The distance Symbol, you can send Reiki to the future of your finances. In other words, you can send positive energy in the future. You can also use the remote Symbol goes back in time to help heal some emotional loss, financial difficulties that you have.

5. If you have a business, you can draw the Power Symbol and / or long-distance Symbol of the air
corners of your place of business, more than cash or credit card machine, etc. Allow small
Aventurine or malachite stones that have been charged with Reiki in addition to the register or credit card terminal.

There are several chakras that are important to pay attention to money matters

1. The Palm Chakras – since money literally "change hands".

2. The third eye chakra – it & # 39; and the seat of intuition and it will help you make good decisions
about the future.

3. The solar plexus chakra – it & # 39; s place of inner wisdom, the "gut feelings" and it can be
it helps you determine whether something is good or bad financial decisions for you.

4. Be sure to focus on the root chakra, even if self-confidence (or lack thereof) is an issue. The Root of
chakra is important when you have financial problems disrupted the sense of stability and security (and
made you less confident as a result).

The theme of Reiki abundance, prosperity and financial success in a complex and multifaceted. There
just scratched the surface of this debate. Please feel free to subscribe to my newsletter to learn more
in such a way that Reiki can help you in your daily life.

Source by Loretta Noble

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