Prosperity Begins in the Mind

How do you feel now and go when you have tried everything?

Well, you & # 39; and only a short break and visualize this: Now & # 39; & # 39; Go & # 39; as if it & # 39; do you have everything you wanted. See yourself acting in that way; It captures the feeling of fullness and satisfaction that you have. Sprawling this idea! What a wonderful feeling it is, and it is possible!

But let & # 39; s ask ourselves … How do we manifest prosperity?

In fact, the well-being BEGINS mind. First, as an idea, and it comes in the form. "As within, so no," as the saying goes, and the more well-known quote: ". As a man thinks in his heart, so is he"

The wonderful and highly recommended book in this very important topic, "You too, can succeed," Robert A. Russell, he gives us the secrets of achieving great spiritual abundance and prosperity. This ageless wisdom has transformed millions of lives, and it's yours to transform learning and implementation of your life.

As I say in my radio shows, things are ideas and thoughts create reality. So this is completely true and accurate correlation with enormous wealth and prosperity in your life. Suddenly, the things that are in line with the thoughts and beliefs. This is a universal law.

The great spiritual truth with regard to the wealth and prosperity that God is the source and essence of supply and people just drain!

What does this mean?

Well, it & # 39; and this is true of the human plane is the people who hire us for our jobs, give us our paychecks, bonuses and the like, but God, the only true source. If you are aware of this wonderful spiritual truth, and incorporated the mind, you can begin to stop clinging to people, jobs and things are so desperately and fearfully because they really represent just one of the many channels available to us. Cease power to these people and things and lay down ". This or something better" Slow down.

When we meditate and pray more wealth and abundance in our lives, not necessarily know where the & # 39; It s going to come from, and do not need to know. It is up to Infinite Intelligence / God is seen, much bigger picture than you'll ever see, as human beings. Knowing this, we will be able to release a huge amount of fear, struggle and worry when we trust and know that God is the source of supply and that the only people that have a lot of channels and channel available to us. Some known and some are not aware of, but as I said, you do not need to see where we are coming good just need to trust!

those who are now, and about to interview for a new job, it is particularly important to you. Those who have not gone after a job, claiming that the & # 39; s & # 39; I & # 39; work, and I & # 39; be & # 39; … this is just to get disappointed if we did not get it. But somehow the way, an even better job came our way. It happened to me many times when I stated out in the business world, and finally & # 39; You got it! & # 39; Then I started to go to interviews without anxiety or & # 39; a & # 39; of that work no matter how much I wanted to, and you know what? I'm much more relaxed, more confident, more articulate, more relaxed, and presented myself more credible and more like a professional. I increased my chances of getting the job ten-fold and knew in my soul that if you do not get the job was because it was not the same or better for me out there.

This amazing & # 39; knowing; gives us a tremendous sense of freedom … … calm and tranquility. Knowing that God is the source and essence of supply and give people a great role only those channels is that of happiness, success and prosperity.

The next important point to more prosperity in your life that begins to confirm that you are successful. For those not familiar with the allegations or why it is important to success, just think of them as positive statements that we can use to change the consciousness belief system of behavior and, therefore, we want to get the results. The fabulous wealth statement would be: "Day and night, I was lucky all my ways" Another great stance, "I am now in the process of attracting greater abundance, prosperity and success in everything I undertake in my life!"

So, it's amazing wealth creator, Robert A. Russell, suggests something else, which is quite amazing how to successfully program your mind so that you will continue to think of the welfare of the whole day, and so says

for the next 7 days, every time you do something routine, such as the ignition of the car, brushing, picking up a pen to write or washing your hands or a cup of water, say, every time this "I'm well-being!" Let these daily tasks to remind you that thinks constantly about the abundance and prosperity. He contends that the & # 39; Association method. & # 39; He says that if you do this intelligently and systematically, for a period of 7 days, you will be amazed at the positive changes they want and blessings that come into your life!

Make no mistake, if you start with your brain ingraining prosperity consciousness everything in your life begins to change. This moment is all starting to improve, because the ideas repair. Say again and again, "I'm Prosperity" and say that makes sense!

In addition to working consciously and persistently to the idea, the authors asked to look into the attitudes, thoughts, feelings, and during the conversation, it takes time to see it more than once to return to the old ways of thinking and feeling . He knows what he wants and means conviction. When people start talking about the lack of restrictions and failures, I refuse to comment on or participate in the conversation. Do not let the new vibration "I am well" go down the drain negative thoughts or conversations with others!

If the product over the next seven days, we get negative or conflicting thoughts creeping (and they are), get yourself and refuse to entertain them. Say.. "I'm not going to think about this … disease … they work unpaid bills … that house I will think only of wealth and health or well-being, this new thought patterns and habits of my life


What does this mean? Well, I mean, that means that each one of us the gift of free will or free to think what the thoughts we choose to focus on the most across every day. Ask yourself right now what thoughts Are you focusing on now? think of prosperity and success in your life, or do you think the lack of and limited? the environment and especially your feelings … feelings … will let you know exactly what you think, because the exact replica of the thoughts and beliefs.

it & # 39; s true that no one is thinking of the well-being throughout the day, and we & # 39;. We are all agreed Robert A. Russell suggests that you need to do is one of the & # 39; & # 39 ruling, thoughts throughout the day until it is fully ingrained in the consciousness. As Emerson said, "A man do you think all day long." The primary thoughts and concentrate on the ones you most, you will see what will attract people to you and your life circumstances. One of the most popular sayings & # 39; change your thoughts and change your life, & # 39; but, of course, Rome was not built in a day! It will take time to replace the usual thoughts that are negative positive, but you can do it!

It is also important to feel that what they are saying and thinking in your head. You can not just repeat these allegations and believes these new ideas, without the & # 39; feeling & # 39; they can, or will not work. That is why there are so many books and show why so many successful athletes visualize, to reach the best performance. I do it because it works and it will work for you too!

A good example of this has given me a good minister knew Dr. Domenic Polifrone when he told us if we had a new car that we needed to go down to the showroom and test drive it. He said that no matter if you are not a dime in the bank. Just go down to the showroom that behind the wheel of the car and test drive it! Get hold some brochures. See and feel yourself driving and owning this beautiful new car. Get into the consciousness "I am well and I am in the process of buying and owning this beautiful new car!" Try. This experiment works!

It & # 39; s the same trip. Go to a travel agent and pick up brochures on the desired destination travel. Put them around the house, and I feel that it's there. Close your eyes and see yourself on the plane taking you there, landing, go to a luxury hotel. Imagine, feel, get in and then set off a vibration that is evident in your life! Have a wonderful, say, "A thought held in mind by faith, recalls the conditions required to & # 39;. And delivery '

So just know now that one of the most valuable assets of your mind. He said that you are the architect of your life. Ask yourself right now … what kind of life you are building it yourself? A wonderful life, or limited life span? All that is available is now available for everyone for you. There's a wonderful quote from Balzac which confirms this fact. He said: "There is great how it might be"

Start knowing that the potentiality is potentiality to all. If anyone can download it off; If someone has a beautiful home, a beautiful home. Life is a state of mind. & # 39; As a man thinks in his heart, so is he. "

change of consciousness and change the world.

Source by Jane Abram

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