Learn about the origin of money to make extra money

Many people want to make extra money in different ways. The term & # 39; extra money & # 39; It requires an extra income and extra effort. Without these two factors extra money is tough. Money is the most appropriate way to deal announced today & # 39; s business is very easy.

Already in the days of the barter system at the time when the money is actually created, the business was not an easy task. There are various opinions on the origin of money. Some say that the first money came into the picture in the year 7-8 BC. Before the goods exchanged between traders. To get the extra money must first understand the origin of money, that is where the money really comes from.

Carl Menger, the originator of the Austrian School of Economics, shared his views on the origin of money. In the early days, trading was very slow. People are trying to make extra money selling the goods will be used for those goods. It was therefore not a good value fixed. The value of all good utility depended on the good to the dealer. Therefore, the transaction is limited to commercial situations. For example, a person whose sword you can make a smaller use value to him than the B & # 39; s s. But B, the sword is more practical value to him than plowing. Therefore, if the A and B exchange the sword and the plow in a row, and the extra money.

The exchanges under the scope of this condition rarely happens, because it is rare that the possession of a person's worth him a minor use as the possession of another person having the higher value of the good at the same time. Due to the earlier days of the rare trade is rare. Therefore, people had to meet the merchants and create a position to implement the exchange to get extra money.

This barter system between disruption to traders than the value of a commodity was different in different individuals. Subsequently, a fixed mode is thought transaction. One particularly good, which was acceptable to all people convicted of commercial value, which can be given as a substitute for any other product. The goods hereinafter referred to as "Geld" people at the time. The "gel" means to reimburse or pay.

Gradually "Geld" was replaced by other products, such as shellfish, sugar, fish, or something else. The Nordic countries have adopted fur as money. Therefore, not only it depends from place to place, country to country, but moved one individually. It was people use that extra money in those days.

Gradually, the growth of trade, people felt the need for a suitable method transaction. Therefore, the money was created. Now, money has a business relationship is very simple. It is generally accepted, the money is a fixed value in each country. Therefore, the trade is more convenient for the existence of money.

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