key to manifesting abundance – and the difference is not coming

If you want to manifest abundance in any area of ​​your life must be open and willing to accept what comes to you. Some people get a problem. They are convinced arose when I was little, he received the others were bad. There are several reasons why. Some people in the comments below:

  • I & # 39; I do not go to anything from anyone.
  • I do not want any handouts.
  • It & # 39; s is more blessed to give than to receive.

Let & # 39; and address each one individually.

Taking you do not get

the action involved in the "buyer" and "receiving". If you buy something you can pull it toward you. The main activity on your part, not the other person. If the recipient, the action seems to be the only part of the giver. The move them for you. The action may seem passive but dynamically it. Receive give as much action. It must open mind, heart and hand to accept what you described.

leaflets of unequal

A woman I know lost her job. He and his family barely scrapped by. Everyone wanted to unemployment, but considering that the prospectus. He did not want to "lower themselves" to make money.

As used the money earned from his salary. She was proud of her accomplishments. He believed a notice of unemployment benefits, something he did not earn. It was not the pride of a job well done. The energy of a prospectus that one person is better than another. Energy agree with what someone equality. No one is better than the other.

It & # 39; s more blessed to give than receive … Really?

If you grew up in a Christian environment, you probably heard this so many times. The elders try to thwart child found in the natural selfishness. Biblical stories, such as the boy who shared his lunch to Jesus multiplied by 5000 to feed, were given as examples to others. Many have taken this to heart in a hard way. They did not understand the balance needed in life.

adult children to speak the language in black and white. necessary for the development of the brain did not develop abstract thinking until high school. Your parents could not give me the nuances of "It & # 39; s better to give …"

If everyone is a donor who is going to give? The free flow of energy requires reciprocity. It requires both a cheerful giver and appreciative customer.

The universe wants to give. agree?

If you accept the gifts, and offered a polite people, you tell the universe and the unconscious mind, you're ready to abundance in your life. The return gift heartfelt appreciation of what flows to you.

Source by Cathy Chapman, Ph.D.

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