How to use the breathing space secret Magically quality of life

There is a hidden gold mine also took advantage of the Act conscious breathing. Most people are not aware that this simple physical action magically transform their lives an endless number of ways, especially when done in the awareness and rhythm. Aside from the obvious health benefits and applications such as managing pain and stress during delivery, the conscious and breathing pattern is actually a little-known tool manifesting desires and create a personal reality.

We all know that the physical mechanism required for the issuance of the breathing much-needed oxygen and carbon dioxide back into the atmosphere for recycling. But more than that of his followers and students of Eastern spiritual traditions are aware that the breath carries the vital life force. This powerful invisible spiritual energy known by many names, such as qi (off) or prana, among others.

After finishing the rhythmic pattern and in full awareness, breathing becomes a magical portal that quantumfield the realm of infinite possibilities. This is the reason why many ancient spiritual traditions are beginning meditation practice conscious breathing. Not surprisingly, many of the more esoteric schools and secret rituals manifested in one & # 39; s desired reality a closely guarded employ breathing techniques. This ancient knowledge is hidden in the breath is a powerful tool for awareness creation.

he interest or goal could be learning breathing pattern, is an easy-to-learn techniques that will maximize any profit you hope to achieve. This method of breathing pattern is often called because of breathing space four-part symmetry.

implementation breathing space, first slowing inhaling and exhaling. As the breath moves to a relaxed and comfortable pace, stick to either keep the air after inhalation, and the like, take a moment or stay after exhaling breath for a moment.

seamlessly continue it in order to "inhale-hold-exhale-hold" an even number of repetitions, and finally back to the normal mode of respiration. These are important elements momentary pauses in breathing pattern or suspensions, it enables the optimum flow of qi (off) or prana throughout the body, as well as the efficient removal of "outdated" energy system.

Common sense in determining how long to suspend the air. The duration of hold your breath for a moment or not can be shorter than the length of the inhalation and exhalation, perhaps no more than two or three seconds when first learning this technique. Stop by the persistent signs of sickness.

It is important to breathe slowly and rhythmically and comfortably, mentally following the breath as it moves in and out of the body. Keep in mind that the wider the bottom of the lungs, and forced to inhale "low" in the body while comfortably indoors at your belly area and expanding the rib cage.

Integrate breathing space in the daily routine, taking every opportunity as the line at the bank or supermarket, in practice this technique. If you are feeling stressed out, step aside from whatever you're doing at the moment, it is an isolated area and slow down your breathing pattern recommended until you feel physically and emotionally centered.

If you ever need an out-of-the-box solution to a pressing problem, not a few cycles of breathing space. As a regular breathing resumes, mentally ask for a solution to the problem in question. Let go of worrying more and more about each exhalation. The established practice, you will be able to tap into the quantum field solutions. Be aware that this is the universal energy field of the final repository of infinite possibilities.

As a final note, which ensures complete safety, do not participate in or rhythmic breathing pattern requires full concentration while doing tasks such as driving or handling dangerous machinery.

The new power of conscious awareness, breathing pattern, you can now breathe magically creative energy in every aspect of life. The secret to living is really easy lies in the air!

Source by Edwin S Lopez

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