How to stop procrastination and laziness overcome the Easy Way

When you procrastinate, we're not only wasting time, but loses his life. There is no need to delay the life and succumb to laziness!

laziness and lethargy are not personal characteristics. These are just a symptom of a deeper problem: a lack of motivation. It & # 39; s right, it is not inspired to move, act and do when you're not motivated to do so.

How do you get motivated? You & # 39; We got to the goal.

And if we understand some of the basic human psychology, you can gain leverage over their own get into action with almost no effort.

Just as we are human beings, motivated by the fear of pain or hope of experiencing pleasure. These two intelligent power helps to overcome laziness and procrastination forever and help you live a life of productivity, passion and purpose.

four steps to overcome laziness and procrastination. I suggest writing out the following tasks on a piece of paper and review it daily. It is always on the right track and moving forward.

Overcome Procrastination in 4 steps [1945901million]

1. "What do you want to avoid?"

Ask yourself this question, and the answer clear picture of the consequences if we do not act. For example, if you put off going to the gym, what & # 39; and the final result, so that it is not? The poor health, unfit the body, loss of strength, susceptibility to disease, poor self-esteem, etc. Or, if you find yourself unable to sit down and meditate, the consequences could be a lack of clarity, increased stress and anxiety susceptibility to emotional problems, lack of productivity, failure to cultivate spiritual potential, etc.

2. "What do I get?"

When this question to answer, and made me think that a very clear mental picture of what you can win, so that action. In the case of exercise, daily gains can be strong and healthy body, increased energy, higher self-esteem, healthy lifestyle, happier psychology, etc. or in the event that enjoys the meditation practice, profits can be stability, balance, peace , calm, clarity, focus, happiness and gratitude, etc.

3. "We & # 39; sa next step

What & # 39;? and the next thing you need to do is to begin to move towards your goal? This could join a health club. Or waking up 20 minutes to meditate before. Whatever the next step is to clearly identify and write it down. and do it.

it & # 39;.! s important here to realize that you only need to take the next step can not jump on top of a mountain with one bound, so do not try to be one step in a time. Steady as she goes.

4. Repeat steps 1-3.

go through this process every day. Spend a few minutes to show what you want to avoid what you can win, identify the next step and take it.


When we pulled out a vision of what we can achieve and we focus on that every day, getting in on the action automatically. It & # 39; and only when we lose sight of our goal is to succumb to laziness and procrastination is. After all, what & # 39; s the point of bed and into action if you do not know where the & # 39; are you going?

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