Ho & # 39; oponopono and Manifesting Wealth – How Forgiveness and Reconciliation shape of the Prosperity Mindset

Those who practice the Law of Attraction Cosmic frequently reminded that our lives will reflect the level of vibration. Then the question arises, "What the vibration level of happiness?" or "What the vibration level and frequency down?" David Hawkins, Power Vs Force, gave us a table for the vibration levels. Ho & # 39; oponopono a prayer that will help you achieve and maintain a high level.

"Divinity, I love you & # 39;.. I'm sorry, please forgive me, thank you.." Ho & # 39; oponopono such a simple prayer, but still, each instruction feeling is high vibration levels. The feeling of love (unconditional) 500 David Hawkins chart vibration levels. The emotion that changes in the powers of the Divine Matrix "devotion". According to David Hawkins, a man reached over 750,000 people offset the 500-540 level of 200 or lower than the first positive emotion. This would be the equivalent of the population of Charlotte, NC, and Oklahoma City, OK.

forgiveness, as "I & # 39; I'm sorry, please forgive me," the emotion related to the adoption. It is accepted that we are 100% responsible for our lives and the lives of those around us. The vibration number is 350-400. Individuals at this level over 90,000 people in 200 counterweight acceptance allows us to manifest the cosmic law of attraction.

"Thank you." This, in my mind, represents serenity, emotion emanating from the feeling of joy that follows all contact with the divine. This range of 540-600 David Hawkins. This is a place of harmony. This is to compensate for the state of 10000000 people living below 200

When Dr. Hew Len teaches us Ho & # 39; oponopono talks about how a re-creation or re-trigger memories (data, data, data) membering history and the history of our ancestors, the present life. Thus, history can directly cause misery around us. Thus, releasing the history and emotional attachment to history, Dr. Hew Len was able to "cure" an entire hospital convicted of criminally insane individuals.

Ten years ago, I have been repeating this prayer. I saw that the "cure" of traffic jams and hysterical toddlers. I saw that influences the people around me even though I can only repeat my head. We also saw that when I change my worst. David Hawkins claims that only 0.4 percent of the world ever reaches Love like Gandhi and Mother Teresa has reached this level. They took 100% responsibility to the community in which they lived, not just their own lives. Love is selfless and intuitive level. Perhaps few people reach this level to be able to live at that level, but I believe that the power of the Ho & # 39; oponopono that we all can achieve these levels, if only for a little while.

Ho & # 39; oponopono a statement that these unwanted vibration level, and believed. Ho & # 39; oponopono a statement that we take 100% responsibility for our lives. "Ho & # 39; oponopono, Divinity Love,. Please forgive me and all my relatives back to the beginning of time thanks, it happens."

Source by Nancy Stremmel

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