Full Moon Magic! Take advantage of the full moon!

The night of the full moon is known for its beauty, healing properties, the fantastic energy and magic!

The power of the full moon is a powerful energy. Many rituals and beliefs of different cultures and religions of the moon using energy. Blue Avalon we believe that the full moon time for the healing of the spirit and objectives recharge time increased to renew the vibrant energy of the full moon!

The following list is my favorite Full Moon rituals, you can do tonight!

1. Fill a pitcher or jug ​​of water and leave overnight in the light of the full moon. The next day, use this water to cleanse the crystals, giving them strength and energy of the full moon! Use this re-energized water not only cleans the crystal, but wash your face to leave you feeling renewed this clean energy blast or wash counters, floors anything you feel could benefit from the magic of the moon!

2. I recently cleaned and smeared the crystals? Take a step further and place the crystals on the windowsill in the evening or them in a crystal bowl and leave them outside under the light, so that they can capture the Moon & # 39; s energy directly!

3. Full Moon Prosperity! It is said that the full moon should be left in your wallet and checkbook open to receive the full moons of energy. It may not bring you millions, but it may help to have enough to pay the bills this month!

4. You can enjoy the traditional symbolic Feng Shui? And then & # 39; Are you sure you & # 39; I have heard of Feng Shui money frog or toad. According to legend, this mythical creature appeared on every full moon, or near homes that will receive plenty of well-being, or have good news! When will place him in the moonlight, and in the morning, to return to the size of the property or inside the front door looking!

5. Looking for love? A red ceramic or glass bowl or glass beads to sort stones into the bowl (purple, red and pink works well). Then stand up three red candles on the pin or bowl. Light the candles on the night of the full moon, and especially against the light yellow flame on the moon. the intention is to be ensured is that this love brings light to a new lover or a deeper love!

6. own power image! You & # 39; I read that many times an image of a moon brings renewable energy, focus and concentration. What better image than a full moon you can take your own camera & # 39; ve seen with your own eyes! Print it out and place it on a table or desk children's increased focus!

7. The high potency of the full moon encourages fertility, passion and exuberance – Write to wish them a silver pen then burn a candle flame e full moon!

8. Moon Meditation is extremely powerful as the full moon is a time to draw down the energy of the moon, and connected to it. Call us guided meditation moon!

Finally, do not forget the most important aspect. Stand in the moonlight, and cast your eyes on the beautiful site before and really enjoy the moment in all its beauty.

© 2007 Fay Chapple

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