Feng Shui Made Easy – Prosperity, The Power of Bagua Corner

The next few articles deal of wealth. There are several areas of Bagua, which are linked to prosperity. The Prosperity Corner of Bagua to do with luxury. It is a power of Feng Shui Corner so with respect and reverence. It is a power corner, because the money is great. This is where you place your intent to do great things, vacations, holidays, cars and "high-value products." Prosperity corner to be fed in the same way that dreams must be fed, seriously. Make sure the area is clean and tidy well-being. We do not want to be broken pieces or anything that symbolizes "missing" in the field of prosperity. Even dried flowers are not included.

The Prosperity Corner is the area in which the left rear corner of your home, when you are looking out at home in front of the door. Despite the fact that there is no "elements" in this field will not be likely to be a few things you will want to take care of. The following courses can improve the situation.

Here are some things you can do to maximize the energy in this very important position.

Make a list of what you want knowing that you can bring the reality of the intention. Describe how much money you want and what you want to do, and be sure to include that part of it. Every parent is receiving. This is a brilliant place for a "vision board" (Art is) when working on the decorations.

The colors associated with Prosperity area of ​​purple, gold, green and red. Purple is the color of power forces the corner. Place to purple, to stimulate the flow of energy being here. This will work even if a piece of red construction paper taped to the wall behind a piece of furniture.

There are things in this area that the motion Chi (energy), such as water, wind chimes, plants round leaves, the music, the bamboo flute and light.

a bowl of rice and coins overhaul of prosperity. In China, rice is a symbol of prosperity. If you take the coins out of your purse or in your pocket every night and put it in a bowl will begin to add up to a lot of effort. The idea is that we want to attract money, making money, and can be seen in the field of well-being confirms this.

If you have a fireplace in the field of prosperity it gives the impression of burning money. You will want to cure this water. Water puts out fire. You can also use the black color around the fireplace and placed over a mirror. Mirrors symbolic water.

bath, toilet and sink requires attention because the water a symbol of wealth. But toilet and sink drain water. The red color, or it stops moving Chi. So a simple cure for red ribbon, a symbol of Chi, tied around the tubes. Be sure to enforce the "intent" of the tape that prosperity does not go down the drain. Keep the sink stopper closed when not in use, and always keep the toilet seat closed. Keep bathrooms clean, especially in the private bath. Regardless of the bathroom there is a real wealth corner or not it is still a welfare because of the water.

If the garage area of ​​prosperity make sure that regular and fairly clean. Hang wind chimes or bamboo flutes to move Chi. Even if there is no wind to move the chimes to continue to work to move Chi, and do not forget to get something purple there.

This is a very simple practice. Think about what you want to create, and then look at all things in every sense of the word itself. Let your home and talk about everything. Prosperity and abundance is full of life and wholeness. Anything contrary to the prosperity corner to go.

Namaste & # 39;

Source by Kelly Whetstone

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