Feng Shui in the garden

Once was to create a garden in the business for many years, it is one of the most important things to keep you install a good, healthy plants. Plants poor growth, or even worse dead plants and trees, damaging prosperity. Bad company image. So you can imagine that we were healthy and thriving business as a result. When Feng Shui is to create a favorable garden, good luck and happy Chi attract home and your life.

Feng Shui and gratitude.
First and foremost, you need to take stock of the many blessings in our lives; families, our relationships, our work, our health, friends and children along with the other attributes we focus on such skills, caring and compassion, our appreciation of nature such as fresh flowers, etc. etc. & # 39; sa good idea to make a list of these and refer to them often. Because we think they complement the more they think about it. Build an incredible picture of how lucky we are already there.

make daily affirmations.

Here are two simple examples. One of the works, while the other leaves us lacking

The well-being in the garden, try this: "I have been blessed to permanently surrounded by abundance and prosperity in my life"

Rather than "This garden makes rich, I & # 39;. ll a lot of money from it "

the cause of the earlier works, the latter did not is because the future is not here. It keeps out of the reach of well-being and is not available today. The former is now mainly.

Prosperity money, friendship, love, health, family, knowledge, happiness, peace and prosperity are intertwined intellectual and provides a lot of get-even. Display this type of energy, exercise them, implement them in their daily activities and well-being will be banging on the door.

Waterfalls are down. More favorable when going to the house. Not only does the user benefit from better visual impact of the waterfall is going in this direction, but it can mean a loss, and lost the opportunity when flow away from the house.

a waterfall, which is a fast-moving, fast-paced and energetic mirrors, which also indicates Chi flowing fast paced spending habits and money going out. Often well-being is to preserve spending habits. Waterfalls be balanced in many ways. Choose a design that increases the winding, slow-moving stream. Water gently cascading natural rocks and stones worth much adverse effect. Like all relevant factors, the most important is that they are proportional to properly balance nicely thus avoiding imbalances.


Most suitable sites include waterfalls down next to the front porch or deck (wealth) and near or inside the kitchen overlooking the (welfare). Even better is that the few patches of wild flowers, the flowers are fueling the prosperity of a business. Red flowers and red structures, red flowering shrubs, red-leaved trees examples … Japanese Maple, holly, red Azelas red Ponisettias. Red correlated with wealth, fame and reputation.

Feng Shui entries and prosperity …
First point is to work with the conditions already. There is no point trying to move a door, buckling a drive way, or make any drastic changes. Those living community must keep in mind, regardless of the restrictions of the home owner & # 39; s association in place. People may be very simple, cheap and effective changes.

Here are some suggestions that people accept without too much effort, and hopefully a little confusing the association. Place an ornate dragon (not necessarily a red) is the best favorable Chi entrance. They are sure to be good luck, joy, wealth, abundance, good energy and prosperity.

near the entrance to consider the color red. Red wealth. Red can be planted flowering shrubs, such as
• Hibiscus. My favorite flowerer and ruthless. Easy to handle. Let it grow naturally.
• Red Flower Carpet roses (Rosa Flower Carpet is a wonderful plant. Agree represents 10 against the California 10 and disease-resistant varieties with low height and very tolerant of many conditions even negligence, absolutely masses of crimson flowers, and the incredible abundance of long flowering period )
• red Azelas, red flowering annuals
• Ruscus aculeatus (Butcher & # 39; s Broom) is a large display of red berries in the fall
• Punica granatum (pomegranate) evaluate the brilliant flowers
• Ixora sp. Castle. Lauritzen fantastic red flowering shrub
Euphorbia pulcherrima • (Poinstettia). Great importance of joy and prosperity.
• Ixora 'Petite' (dwarf hybrid Ixora)

• Canna X generalis (Red Garden Canna)
• Etlingera elatior (Torch Ginger)
• Heliconia. Many suitable Heliconias incl. H. rostrata (Lobster Claw), H. stricta, H. • Caribaea (Caribbean Heloconia)

• Red Bougainvillea is a wonderful plant that can grow easily over garage doors a beautiful, graceful arc that's dramatic Mediterranean atmosphere in which large positive Chi and well-being of the residents of the home.
• Passiflora coccinea (Red Passion Flower) Another fantastic opportunity to grow a beautiful red flower climber. This one is not only good Feng Shui prosperity, but also an important religious connotations. Either way, it & # 39; and a large crop.

• Fire flower tree (Royal Poinciana Red) If space is available, this is a must. What a beautiful tree, even when not blooming. Above
is a brief example by introducing a fabulous opportunity to plant something red, and are happy being single & # 39; s life.

Try a red structure. The chair or bench all. Even better, over the red pad arbor to plant your favorite flowers. Take a red-framed mirror. The mirror strengthen the area and make it look more open and spacious, bright and attractive. Try to isolate a piece of red silk, artfully displayed. Get three old Chinese coins, tie them with red or red silk thread and place them under a stone near the entrance. These additions are very simple, but to great prosperity, favorable Chi and abundance.

I like the challenge, even if space is restricted. These are my favorite situations to astonishing effect great change. Small, narrow and enclosed space results in a much more intimate setting. Small areas are all close. Closer to all the elements. Sound, smell, texture and visual aspects are magnified. We feel very safe, secure, peaceful and safe. I love designing entryways, courtyard-style gardens and town squares. I let my imagination to work and always seem to come up with a more than satisfactory result. Obviously, the & # 39; and perfectly functional, but people tend to focus on the aesthetic outcome, and not pay attention to the fact that "works" if space is limited, you can use the vertical element. Use the walls to plant a flower trellis or climbing frame. Use the walls to ensure a wonderfully rich in hanging baskets. Think of a hanging basket like a miniature hanging gardens full of flowering plants. It has all the components of the garden, except on a smaller scale. The flowers and healthy crops energizing even the smallest of spaces.

Put a small water feature. Any water feature to bring luck and prosperity, especially in the North. We can also design a water feature in almost any material. Get the ingredients …. Add a touch of fantasy and …… Presto! Once, while traveling in Italy, my wife and I bought a mural in the main square, which is made of ceramic and come in around fifty pieces packed in a box. We carted it is difficult to pack around us throughout our journey. (I thought it was crazy, as always) When we returned to Naples, I ordered a pot in a frame, fed behind a narrow tube, mounted on the wall to the lanai, and attached it to a small pump that is pouring water in a large terracotta pot natural beach lodged like stones. It & # 39; s beautiful. The ceramic art sets the scene perfectly, reminds us of the great times, which in Italy, and has such a relaxed atmosphere lanai space is limited.

I encourage you to give some kind of water feature, but it's small, near the entrance way. Be careful when choosing a water feature that prosperity. Balance is key. Instead of the water jet directly to the rush of water, you & # 39; It s better if the water gently cascade over something like stones. This will create a more soothing tone, a more subtle tone and the same amount of water flow. It just seems more music when the water & # 39; s path is interrupted in some small way. The advantage is that you do not feel like you need to go to the bathroom every time you pass. This is an important step in creating a large water feature in a spatially restricted area, such as an entry way. With a little help if you get stuck.

Water enhances the energies of the North Stock koi pond or a small ceramic turtle ornament. They make the garden very positive. Fish create yang energy. Turtles activates the symbolic celestial beings in the north. Do not get water moving constantly. This allows the oxygen to the job. Waterproof allowed to accumulate Chi is dead. Fish energy of the water and prevent stagnation. If other wildlife coming, like frogs, encourage them. That water is always clean …, as it prevents hampered Chi is created. Good filtering does. When something dies, replace it immediately.

The sound of trickling water attracts Chi, especially when the sunlight plays on it. There is no water in the shade of the north. Do not overwhelm your plants. The plants are intended to this natural and enhance it. Plants do not detract from the main subject in the water.

The southern entrance.
Associated with the fire element. Right when the garden opens in a living room with a kitchen instead. Kitchen (fire), which caused the imbalance. A good garden lights, the lights are at different levels, especially in the winter in the South, and by stimulating the luck of fire power, and fame enrichment. Make an ornament of the Crane, a Phoenix or even better, the birds, the symbolic life.

Plants prosperity
Magnolia. A symbol of purity, or treasures accumulated great wealth.

orange trees. Symbol abundance and prosperity. Good luck, wealth, happiness and general well-being. A couple is considered a very good Feng Shui. China's use of lime and lemon trees indoors as flowering period coincides with the Lunar New Year. It is no coincidence that the Victorian era houses orange was a very common way to winter frost sensitive, fragile trees. Summers would see roads and sidewalks lined with orange trees big huge earthen vessel.

brought us another opportunity to travel, to discover Spain is great. We stopped in Seville for a few days en route to Granada. We stayed in the Cathedral, the most romantic orange tree planted in the field. All balconies had the most wonderful hanging baskets and window boxes of flowers drape over the railing. The shadow of the orange trees in the square provided in cafes create a beautiful tranquil landscaped urban environment. We happened to be there when oranges are ripe. Great big orange marmalade hanging in the trees, a rich display of orange sharp contrast of dark green, healthy and vibrant foliage. Perhaps the city planners do not know much about Feng Shui, I doubt that, yes, but the orange trees made the whole place is incredible importance of peace with a great energy. It & # 39; It s true that orange represents prosperity, as this square was bustling cafes, boutique hotels, guesthouses, restaurants, craft shops and a thriving prosperous place away from the main thoroughfares. I bet the orange trees are hidden, mystical qualities that attract people to sit and relax.

cherry blossom.

Plum trees. Regarded as a clean and excellent

Peonia denotes prosperity and romance.

Magnolia immortal and flourishing.

Lotus. Inspire peace and contentment, symbolizing the opening of opportunities.

Money Plant.

Plants round, full, dark leaves are known to be favorable and the best symbolizes money and gold. For example,
Jade plant …… money and wealth
The silver crown
Money Plant.
of Narcissus plants or bulbs, symbolizing good fortune. Normally give a positive gift for the New Year.

seek to use the garden or outdoor space as much as possible and use it as a sanctuary, you & # 39; d be surprised how better you will feel, sitting in the sun, watching the wildlife, enjoying the tranquility of a & # 39; s environment.

Source by Brendan Moran

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