Feng Shui – Flower

Always take flowers there color (any color sense), the beauty and splendor of the room, but we could think of energy (good or bad) on the flowers, there figures and sizes. Fresh flowers will spread throughout the bouquet. Fresh flowers and plants bring a lot of positive well-being, energy and health romance to your room. Try to place fresh flowers in the living room regularly. Do not let the flowers die at home, that brings bad luck.

The first thing you need to do is clean the room a good energy (chi). Then insert or replace things (furniture), so the energy (chi) flow through the room, do not sit with his back against the door to keep the energy flowing to create harmony and success to your life. You can take a bath or shower. Candles, burn some flower essences or fill the bowl with water and add a few drops of essential oil. (Wild fennel, red clover, Lily).

Walk around the room and some applause to every corner of the interior walls to get rid of bad energy.
Next, fill the house is a good feeling and energy, harmony balls and Feng Shui music.

The color purple was represented Inspiration career. Beige is knowledge, wisdom and training. The colors of green and brown is health, family affairs, harmony and a new life. Light green is associated with wealth, abundance and prosperity. Red, pink, burgundy is happiness, longevity and recognition. Yellow-related relationships, romance and marriage.

Here are some flowers that attract positive energy (chi).

The Narcissus (daffodil) flower good luck for the twelve months if forced to bloom during the New Year.

Peony: Represent your life in a relationship.

Rose brings good fortune and promote love within the family.

Chrysanthemum: Bring happiness, harmony and laughter home.

Lily: symbols of abundance and considered to be one of the eight treasures.

Jasmine and Gardenia: Are the plants friendship.

Bamboo: Youth, perseverance and luck .

Anthuriums: good luck in relationships .

Plum tree: Beauty and youth

to fill the house with good feelings and energy, always intuition
is not simply a traditional Feng Shui concept .
Feng Shui brings happiness, harmony, good luck and money in the home.

Source by Maureen Le Couvreur

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