Do you think today will be tomorrow

we become what we think about all day. Think about that for a moment.

we become what we think about all day. What does it really mean?

heading in the thoughts we think.

Would you believe me if I told you that I changed my whole life, and then, after poverty and six figures in about a year, the two touching universal healing energy and changing predominant destructive thoughts that I carelessly allowed to infiltrate in my head? It & # 39; It s true.

You also have the power within you to enrich your life anyway you want! How to do this is no secret. They wrote and practiced since eons, and if you tap into this information is indeed life will never be the same again.

It starts with your thoughts.

Everything we achieve, and all you can not achieve the direct result of our thoughts on how we think. Success does not depend on how much education is the color of our skin, where we live, what we are talking about current conditions or what language. It depends on how you direct your thoughts in our heads.

What we choose to think about and focus on, dwell in our heads … we bring to ourselves. If you worry wart, you & # 39; ll probably attract any problems yourself you wish that will not happen! If you are constantly worried about not having enough money, you & # 39; ll attract less and less money. If you are worried that your husband will cheat on you & # 39; and probably he will fulfill his wish. If you are worried that your friends gossip behind your back, you & # 39; and probably will, so most predominant thoughts we live our lives, because of our faith in our thoughts. What do you believe, you create. This is how we create our lives. This is the law of attraction. It & # 39; s not my law … it & # 39; and the universal.

What do you think today will be tomorrow! There is no question about it.

Everything that you brought with you in your life the most predominant thoughts are. It is important to take responsibility for your thoughts on how this will begin to change your life.

Let me give you a simple example of someone who has a goal wanting even more money at the end of the week as bills to pay.

He uses a great present tense statement to start the flow of positive thoughts – "I am very happy that I was still $ 150 to insert their bank account every week after my bills paid I & # 39;! M so excited that I was getting money! "

also displays (because the images can be thoughts) you put this money into your bank account, you feel the pay slip sees himself signing the deposited amount, he can see the amount of bank account grow as a garden, he thanks the cashier, she & # 39; and a smile from ear to ear, whistling as he skipped off the bank completely happy!

Then, as the sun goes sabotage begins … she completely forgot her affirmation and visualization and start to think, 'Oh my God, I & # 39; you have to pay the hydro bill today … there is no money "" Why can not I ever make a living! " "I & # 39; ll never get out of debt!" "I hate it more accounts than my money!" "Life is so unfair!" and so on and so forth.

Do you know what you've done?

His negative thought process just canceled out the positive work done in the morning. The Universe responded this way: She & # 39 "Stop; s asking for less money, he does not want to live, you never want to get out of debt and wow hates money from the universal law states that we can only give him what he wants so! remove the abundant blessing no longer want it! Continued lack of fulfillment of requests. "

Wow, huh? As well as that he was given the seal of her to continue to experience LACK life.

One tip to remember: Your thoughts … a non-stop continuous prayer. So if your thoughts are prayers, what do you pray every day?

I should mainly think positive thoughts to those thoughts to manifest in the future! I know this may be difficult, but I also know that you can do it!

A simple solution, which is used when there was less money than bills paid, it was

True story:

had to choose, which one lucky company will get paid that month, and the rest I throw it out! As he threw them in the trash, even though they did not pay, I have to repeat myself … "Paid in Full – thank you Universe!"

Once you have chosen the bill that I wanted to pay, say, happily in my head, "As the money goes out, immediately come back! My bank account full of money!" He paid the bill, and continue to repeat the claim until I felt a woman smile in my heart. When I felt that joy, I planted the seed, and erased all doubt. Then, the other day did not focus on what was not … (which is very difficult when the stomach is growling!) … I'm just grateful and very thankful for what you have done.

After a while … miracles began.

had food for my four children and I like the local food bank has allowed us to have. Shortly after that I started this process (mind focused on staying positive and grateful for what I had) a man he knew only by the name came to the door out of the blue and gave me what he called a "Care Package". The gifts were a few bagfuls food. A human angel is really … one that my thoughts are attracted to me.

After he left I realized the power of my thoughts are co-creating power of the Universe. I cried tears of joy and gratitude I received not only a gift, but that light bulb moment … and this perception of abundance began to flow like an endless river.

The neighbor came to me and gave me a transport timber for the last few weeks in the freezing northern winter. He also gifted me a kiln fuel to keep the water pipes from freezing. Another human angel magnetized in the creative power of my very own thoughts.

Shortly after that I had to move from my home and help has arrived that I did not even know it was! People do not even know showed to help. Thank you universe and omnipotent power!

Another man I knew only by name arrived at our new house, and has given $ 400 to buy a Christmas present for all of our children, he also filled the oil tank heating the house in winter and bought us enough food last week. Shall I say it again? Positive thoughts disguised as a human angel in action!

We were given a Christmas hamper full of Christmas dinner and play any of my children to an unknown person, who added that the name of the church & # 39; and prayer list. Temporarily released a beautiful soul in my life, he is a talented all clothes. I received a $ 250 gift certificate to use at your local grocery store that I had left an envelope in the mailbox. And the list goes on … wonder

Be sure that you are not canceling out what you really want to come into your life. Watch your thoughts, for you will be what you want, and you can have what you want to do that!

The universe always gives you what you ask and what you ask of your continuous non-stop prayer.

Determined trillion blessing today and always!
Lisa Whatley

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