do not live the rest of life

Having a big family dinner still a lot of rest, which are wonderful for the next day. All of these delicious dishes keep you from having to cook for a day or two. It's a way of life that is left of all the emotion, pain, anxiety in the past is not something I enjoy. Although we do not like the rest of his life, is still with them because of the habit.

faith is the usual thought patterns, beliefs and expectations around it. We & # 39, ve live with this for so long not to realize how we limit ourselves to experience the same type of life & # 39; I ve always been. In order to change up the experience of daily life you need to start fresh. Like cooking a new dish containing new ingredients, so you need if you are new components of a new life.

What are these new ingredients? Are you aware that what you think about all day, every day? To pay attention to what's going on in your head. Stop several times every day, and tune in to hear the conversation going on between the ears. Were you surprised? If you're completely honest with yourself about what you think the day will be shocked. I recently read a report that found that we are "consciously" aware of what they really think, I believe, and this, only about 5% of the time. He went on to claim that 95% of the subconscious beliefs, which means you do not even notice them or aware of the power in our lives. It also found that 70% of these beliefs do not support the changes we want in our lives, but to sabotage our dreams!

Here is where you create a new life begins in your mind, in your ears. Without planting and weeding of old beliefs are new ideas that really supports the life you want, you can still above the left life. New ideas for such a generous look around for one that actually does what he wants.

If you are struggling with being not just think you want more money. Imagine the wealth. That looks like? How to enjoy rich? If you are struggling with body size not only want to weigh less. Replace these beliefs ideas what food is fattening to be slimmer and food that delights you and fuel your body perfect health.

Within the strength right now is the need to create a dream life. Go inside, and add all the ingredients that result in a fantastic adventure.

Source by Donna Devane

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