Divine Prosperity – How to cast your financial Reap Miracle Seed abundant harvest

Jesus came to give us a full life than talking to John 10:10. It is a rich life includes peace, joy, love, wisdom, success, health, weight loss, confidence and having a child, a spouse, money, ideas, inventions, freedom from sin, freedom of fear, holiness, super intelligence, financial abundance and anything else that will be a blessing. This article is one of the blessings, abundance and finance its acquisition of purpose.

to name financial offers for failure Compared with the rich world, most churches have already broken a hundred years. The issue is more than a tenth. The tenth of a tenth of your income. Without Understanding of sowing and reaping, the finances of even the best money manager come far short of a financial abundance anointed and instructed seed. You see, even though Christians named the tithe, which took care of the operational costs of the local church and then take care of their own house costs, they could not name the financial bids. Result, Satan would have been stealing the fruits of their offer and left the church broke a paycheck to paycheck existence. But that's all changed. God will restore the Church's understanding of how to properly sow and reap a rich harvest. He meets Proverbs 13: 22b in these last days ". The wealth of the sinner laid up to now"

Let me show you how to experience financial abundance through the biblical principle of sowing and reaping.

Jesus taught sowing and reaping. Remember the crowd of Galilee shore in Luke 5: 3, where Jesus preached to them, Peter & # 39; s boat. Since lent his boat, Jesus, Peter activated the principle of sowing and reaping. As a result, sowing the seeds (boat rental) Jesus & # 39; Ministry, Peter van crop. Wonder boatload of fish. Look at Luke 5: 4-6:

"Now when he had left speaking, he said to Simon:. (Peter), Launch out into the deep and let down your nets draft And Simon answering said unto him, Master, we toiled throughout the night, and have taken nothing:. nevertheless at thy word I will let down the net and when this is done, it attached a great multitude of fish and nets "

only the farmer expects to harvest when he casts his seed into the soil. you can expect (to hit) the harvest, when you sow a ministry of finance of the Holy Spirit compelled to support. This can be a local church or other ministries that run the kingdom of God, reaching souls for Jesus. And make sure that the seed has a mandate to identify the core when subjected to it. You might call it the "financial breakthrough" or a "financial abundance." If a write a check, write the name of the core, the "financial breakthrough" somewhere on the check.

Important – crop to make a living not one shot thing. No name from the financial seeds, plants, and never sow again. No, it will continue to raise consistently the name of the principle until the harvest comes. After the first financial harvest comes, keep sowing another financial harvest. The greater the financial sow seeds, the greater the yield. And the higher the yield, the greater the core then sow, producing higher yields and higher you introduce a rich site.

Maybe one day, one week, one month or one year before the first harvest is coming, but the crop should be reflected at the time. Once you start coming, you & # 39; the way to live a rich life promised by Jesus himself.

"Do not be deceived, God is not mocked for whatsoever a man soweth, that shall also reap" For he that soweth to his flesh shall of the flesh reap corruption; but he that soweth to the Spirit shall of the Spirit reap eternal life. And do not be weary well doing: for in his time reap, if we faint not. "(Galatians 6: 7-9)

Listed below are the objections and actions harvest taken to release your faith in the miracle of a rich financial harvest

step 1: Realize God is the source of Supply – do not try to figure out how they will do it to do it is your responsibility to sow and expect to harvest [

step 2:?… Pray for what you want – What do you wish Let & # 39; s say you want a financial breakthrough Okay needs a scripture Ten hit on John 16 , 23 will work. "And in that day asked me anything. Verily, verily, I say unto you, whatsoever ye shall ask of the Father in my name, he may give it you. "So ask your Heavenly Father, Jesus & # 39; name, according to John 16:23 to give you a generous financial breakthrough when you harvest the crop's financial believe that the harvest At the moment I have to pray that God listens.?. prayer and granted the petition at the time of prayer. If you think you have received a financial harvest the moment when he prayed then you need to act like it is. called such activity works. released by the faith in the works.

the Bible says in James 2:17 that faith without works is dead Let me illustrate what works, what works Let & # 39;.?. and is said to be very rich people know and trust your hands a check thirty million dollars. what would you do? jump, shout and celebrate all right.? These actions (works), show that you believe that the thirty million dollars. If the bank sends a bank statement is USD thirty million in the bill would begin to jumping, shouting and celebrating again. You did not do it celebrates the moment a rich boyfriend handed over the check. Similarly, when you pray and ask God for something. Celebrate the moment, asking God when you finish you desire. The words, celebration, joy and you are financial sowing works of art that show, you think that it has received the harvest is the moment when he prayed. So let your faith by your actions (works shows you think & # 39; now we have the harvest). The works give life to your faith. The work release your faith. The work to carry out their faith.

"Therefore I tell you the things you desire, when you pray, believe that reception YE (instant pray), and ye shall have them" (Mark 11:24).

Step 3: Name Your Seed – the name gives it to a core mandate. What are you going to harvest? Healing, finance, peace, spouse? Whatever you want to name the core. And make sure that the name of the seed meets the prayer. If you are praying for a financial breakthrough, then name your seed "financial breakthrough."

Step 4: sow Seed – Ask God of the Father, Jesus & # 39; where the name sow the seed money. The Holy Spirit will guide the seed to be sown on good ground (the church or ministry with the will of God – winning souls, teaching medicine, sowing and harvesting, etc.). Bad soil where God & # 39; s will is not obeyed. The core (investments) on the evidence that we should believe in God & # 39; It promised (John 16:23) to give the prayer request for a rich financial harvest.

Step 5. Sow the Law of Love worship and obedience – Sow your seed as an act of love, worship and obedience to God. Are you obeying God & # 39; and provides command when you sow and you can bless others out of the abundance of the Holy Spirit directs.

"Give, and it shall be given unto you; good measure, pressed, and shaken together, and running over shall be given in your bosom for the same measure that ye mete which he measured it again." (Luke 6 38).

Step 6. Believe You Have Your Harvest Now – Remove thank each day by faith, praising and worshiping the Lord Jesus Christ, because God saw the seed planted and gave the harvest. It & # 39; s faith, if acting as if the harvest even before you actually see the physical eyes. Representation of nature. Use your God-given imagination and see yourself in the harvest. See for yourself the best dress, the best driving, flying is the best and always take a lot of finances. See yourself as a blessing and a money magnet.

Why is vitally important that you believe it (to harvest) before you see it? Because if you do not believe the harvest is the moment when they pray, and to plant the seed, it is not in the faith. Faith says, "There is now." Certainly he says. "I do not think until I see my harvest" Secret: The key to speed up (accelerate) the manifestation of a daily harvest glad that & # 39; we have that (the harvest) just before you see the physical eyes.

Step 7: Speak of God & # 39; Promises and over Seed – As a day release through faith thanksgiving, praise and worship of the harvest manifest, talk to God & # 39; s promises through faith in seeds. For example, if you named the seed "financial breakthrough," talks about the financial well-being at the core specifications, such as Psalm 1: 1-3, Psalm 35:27, Luke 06:38 and Philippians 4:19.

Keep Step 8 registered in the Seed planted – so you can focus on the seed planted by releasing the faith through the harvest, thanking, praising and worshiping Jesus Christ and declaring God & # 39; s promises are put into the core.

Step 9 detract in any way, because God & # 39; s Finance – You're blessed to be a blessing. Yes, because you God & # 39; s representative, ambassador of Christ, we have to dress the best, drive the best, be the best to live the best, but always be on call at a financial seed where God directs. Their agenda is to have the program. The agenda for the souls saved, delivered, a disciple of the will of the local church, fruit, and walk in his glory, virtue and perfection.

Very, very, very important! There are two things that hinder us from the crop. Disobedience and unbelief. I will explain. Disobedience: If you do not ask God how much to give and to give an amount that is not satisfied, it is being disobedient. If you can not ask God where to put (plant) the seed and sow seeds in poor soil (ministry), they are disobedient. Do not expect that God will give you the harvest you desire, if you disobey. What does it mean? In order to avoid that the disobedient, the time to listen to the voice of the Holy Spirit who will guide you into all the truth, helping the crop wise decisions.

I hit that six-step, but I want to drive home the principle that faith. Lack of faith is a big no no. If you sow seeds in the material, you have to believe (forecast) manifest the harvest to come in. Do not just drop the money in the sea and we can not expect God to reproduce the brilliance, bless the bountiful harvest. If you do not expect naturally, you & # 39; you will not get a harvest. Faith is what moves the hand of God to multiply the seed is sown.

This principle of sowing and reaping works have been shared with you in every area of ​​your life, not just your finances. As I mentioned at the beginning, you can sow a miracle harvest of peace, joy, love, wisdom, success, health, weight loss, confidence and having a child, a spouse, money, ideas, inventions, freedom from sin to holiness , freedom from fear, super intelligence, financial abundance and anything else will be a blessing to your life. Do you wonder strength of the core. Let go of the belief in the abundant life of sowing and reaping.

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Source by Philip C Jones

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