Attract Money Runes and the law of quantum physics

Rune meditation FA Wealth / Prosperity

first time we've compiled the ancient wisdom of the runes on the strength of Quantum Physics to attract property.

I believe in the power of the Universal creative energies called runes. The power of the Law of Attraction. The Law of Three. The Act frequencies. All you can now use the law to get back to your life the way you want it.

All of these laws have been fully explained in today's language, the so-called quantum physics. Our ancestors and today's metaphyscians call these laws the working of the mind of God.

The conscious use of these laws we can change our destiny and our lives have more abundance, health and happiness.

runic energies in the strongest way to do this.

I'm sharing with you, Rune than 25 years of work. We will use the power of modern languages ​​and Quantum Physics.

Runes, Rune Meditations, Rune Magic Rune-Yoga is all part of the great truth of creation.


You will notice that there is a great similarity between this meditation and meditation health. I am a believer in repetition. The more you see something, the sooner you will

What you will soon read about runic energies, you will not find any where else. For the first time, the runes are shown rigorously energetic point of view.

In practice, this runic ritual légzogyakorlat will not need any props. All you will need to print out the oversized rune find in this lesson.

It is best to print out a hard cardboard, it will last longer.

RUNE-FA will use these runic légzogyakorlat. The Rune mobile assets.

First of all, your favorite chair comfortably. It is best if it is possible that the same chair every day of the Runic meditations. Thus, the chair will be soaked, and the task of the runic energies. After a while, he sat in the chair brings the feeling of peace and tranquility.

Relax, do not strain. Breathe slowly and deeply Do not worry if you do, good or bad. Do not be concerned if you like or do not like a god / goddess. This is not a ritual. It is about attracting rune energies.

This personal meditation rune-for-asset-breathing exercise. That energy and vibration.

Where would you place your attention to energy flows. You really touch what you think, and it will hit back. When you place your attention to the runes of the Quantum Ocean are the energies flow. You are engaged in energy transmission.


The runic power down, which is about to attract a specific target in a given place to flow. So let's get ready to mentally get these energies in your personal energy field (AURA).

Once you have your personal energy field filled with runic power you can mentally create whatever that means riches that desire

Or, you can let this rune flow of energy throughout the body, and the energy field, charging each cell in the body the desire for wealth energy.

Or, you can send mentally runic power from a distance someone to help start the process of their wealth.

This is called magic distance.

The mind is a very powerful radio-electronic devices, when used correctly. One of the most creative visualization tools. It works very well runic energies.

We are not going to attach any magical, mystical, spiritual, religious or secret meaning in our runic breathing exercises. We are simply going to think of him as an individual practice energy system. It is this central pillar system of energies that we will pour the runic energies ..

You can imagine the five energy chakras as a basketball-sized spheres.

The five chakras

* crown chakra basketball ball 4 "above your head

* Throat Chakra basketball sphere neck and throat area of ​​

. *. heart chakra basketball community in the heart.

* genital cHAKRA basketball sphere genital field.

* GROUND cHAKRA basketball sphere of feet in the area.

the five chakras are lined up in the middle of the body. It has a 3 "pipe connecting each one. Thus, the runic power flows to the crown chakra to chakra ground.

Let's start Runes magic- BROADCAST-FOR-WEALTH

Sit quietly and imagine the central pillar energy system within you.

Imagine an endless ocean is in power, the Quantum Ocean around. You can use whatever you want to display. This is not sacred rituals to the gods / goddesses is not a prayer. You can not do wrong. It is your own personalized runic energy healing practice.

Keep the big FA rune board lap with both hands.

Look. As the attention of the runic symbol lap of wood energy begins to flow toward the Quantum Ocean.

The runic power to be a purpose, a place to go. This is where most of the students to the problem. You must give the energy of a specific target.

The runic power will target the Middle Pillar Energy System.

Now, slowly and steadily, while watching the FA rune symbols, breath this energy into yourself. Breath it as a beautiful flowing stream of light.

intone (say mentally itself)

"I am now inhaling WELFARE runic energy of FA, the Quantum Ocean is my crown chakra (4" basketball ball over your head. ")

through the mental forces control the runic power exchange with the Quantum ocean energy.

mentally see runic power flows into the Quantum ocean to the crown chakra. see the crown chakra fill up this energy.

Take a moment and feel and visualize this crown chakra is full of runic wealth of energy. do not rush.

As you advance in the study, you will learn to use colors as well.

so far enough to use white light. But it is a dynamic, sparkling white light.

intone three times.

Take a deep breath each time, check the FA rune in your hand.

runic power of the crown chakra begins to flow down the 3 "pipe and start charging the throat chakra.

When the throat chakra is full runic power, this energy flows down to 3 "pipe heart chakra.

If the heart chakra is full, see the energy flowing down to 3" pipe in Genete chakra.

If the sexual chakra is full, see the energy flowing off the ground (feet) chakra.

Take a few minutes and sit on the central pillar of runic energy wealth. See this rich white wood energy by completing all five balls (chakras), and the center pillar.

shall forward to the FA runic ENERGY

Start power of money circulate around the body.

Imagine a 3 "stream this white light flowing out of the crown chakra, and flows down the front of the body.

The three" energy flows down your face, chest, stomach, genetals, legs, feet and toes.

Then under your feet and up your heels, calves, thighs, buttocks, spine, neck, back, head, back of the crown chakra.

Now a ring runic money flowing energy flows down the front of the body and back up. It is the energy of the first ring around the body.


Start the second stream of energy out of the crown chakra on the left side of the head, ear, shoulder, arm, hip, thigh, calf, ankle.

under your feet and up the right side. Ankles, thighs, hips, shoulders, ears and back of the crown chakra.


From the heart chakra to imagine a third three "energy flow comes out of your heart. Allow to flow in front of about a foot for you.

just around the clockwise around the body from left to right.

Let us pause here for a moment. This may seem very complicated. is not the case. after some practice you will be able throughout the central pillar healing exercise for 15 minutes.


fifteen minutes once a day to improve your health, wealth and happiness. it's a small price to pay.

Remember dealing with energy. energy is going on. This is what we do, more energy it flows into the Quantum ocean, thou, and thy

it was established three rings of flowing runic energy around the body.

one around the front of the body crown chakra to the legs and the back.

around the left side of the body crown chakra on the left side of your body. Up on the right side of the body and back to the crown chakra.

One around the middle, the same clockwise.

Now expand the three-ring so that fill your aura, which one leg of the body. See and fill it full of aura white light runic prosperity. Forget the 3 rings, and concentrate on the full aura.

This aura is egg-shaped shell. This is where all the well-being begins.

There is always an aura around you. Most people aura & # 39; and that is very close to the body like a pair of socks. We want to expand aura out to those around us, at least one leg of our good omens all around us. This gives you more energy and greater protection.

Continuing the breathing exercises of the aura will become stronger and stronger. The health and well-being will increase, as the aura stronger.

What are you going to do with this ENERGY MONEY?

(1) Give yourself a general well-being healing sessions?

(2) Submit a certain energy wealth business?

(3) Send this power being a friend or loved? (The distance does not matter)

Give yourself a general well being SESSION

Take a deep breath and mentally intone:

"I am now inhaling this powerful runic FA energy in every cell of your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies. "

Feel the energy in the auric shell entering the body and filling every cell.


Take a second breath and repeat intonation.


Take a breath and repeat intonation third.


Now sit like aura shell that is filled with FA wealth energy, prices in every cell of your body.

Sit long as you like.

Give me a silent thank you to the Rune FA.

Know that the Rune Meditation Prosperity is at work, as you go about your business

sent to the FA runic Prosperity an energy business and money making opportunities

say there is a specific company or fund plan that is being sent to the desired energy.

Let's say that you're worried about your home business.

While sitting in the chair with aura shell filled with runic FA energy, take a deep breath and starts to sing mentally

"I just sent the great wealth energy of FA Rune every Fawcett my webiste business . "

Imagine the white sparkling aura of energy flowing to your website. Imagine a website on the screen in front of you. The website, as far as the Quantum Ocean far as a living being. All living beings give off, and attract energy. Treat it as if it were alive, and send the energy to well-being.

again three breaths.

Three and Nine multiples when the magic runes.

sit as long as you like and enjoy the felling of it is that it takes the transfer of energy between you and the website.

You can do this as many times as you want.

This breathing exercise and send the money or the energy business plan is.

we talk about energy. The beautiful simplicity of this exercise is that we attract the energy of the Quantum Ocean (Mind of God). We can use our minds to control this wealth of energy where it is needed.

remote WELFARE

Send and energy business with a friend or a loved one. The life-force knows no distance barrier. It does not travel like electricity is not in our three-dimensional world. The only distance in the world of life-force (Quantum Ocean) is the similarity of shape.

If you think your loved ones when you set up a business relationship of consciousness. The idea that business mind loved ones loved business as far as regards the Quantum Ocean.

So, if you think about it, you can actually contact. You are touching the business. Close your eyes and think about the business. Your aura is stored mentally sending the energy shell. You touch this energy. There is no distance between your business and your mental picture of it.

The aura full of runic FA energy, take a deep breath, imagine your loved ones business head, then exhale slowly through the mouth, and that the prosperity of wood energy flowing out of his mouth, and auric shell of the business.

Once it reaches the aura shell business friends will know where to go on welfare.

They also keep a photo of your loved ones or business is a business in your hands and breathe on it. The FA wealth energy flows into the image and the business.

God is the Creator of all his laws is simple. Only man complicates them.

Learn all you can to the laws of quantum physics. The following year, 2000 will be both energy and energy transfer.

runes and use the laws of quantum physics to attract a lot of energy in the Quantum Ocean (Mind of God) and your life.

Source by Ellis Peterson

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