Abundant Living – Top 10 Reasons Why the critical partnership of God!

abundant life possible. Her life is far abundance? You are experiencing unemployment, job loss, debt, illness, anxiety, marriage troubles, depression and related difficulties, and ready to through in the towel?

Hear this: do not quit!

Regardless of the particular situation, there are people who will be able to move the painful pit of poverty and despair to the highest mountain top prosperous life.

Living life to the full blossoming spirit, soul and body need a partnership with God, the Creator and the source of all. Life takes on a whole new meaning and greater performance, if you live in a constant realization of at-one-ment with our Creator, in partnership with loving, good God.

Top 10 reasons why a partnership with God Critical Life abundant life

1) POWER – The closer God, the greater the strength of . We need to wait upon the Lord will renew their strength. (Isaiah 40:31)


2) power to create and invent – A closer relationship and to know God is greater power to create and invent, they rely on God's unlimited unlimited resources. He works through us the strength to glorify His name. (Romans 9:17)

3) WISDOM – The partnership, of God's infinite wisdom, it allows you to tap into your wisdom. He says if you do not have the wisdom to ask and He gives us generously. (James 1: 5)

4) HOPE – realization of the divine God partnership will enhance your life and multiply the effectiveness of hope in it. It takes a sense of hopelessness, insecurity and inability to overcome the storms of life. God & # 39; s plans to give hope and a future. (Jeremiah 29:11)

5) NO FEAR – If you take God is the full and complete partnership, I will not fear. Life & # 39; s business does not end in disappointment. In addition to a generous God, we are led to pasture even water, and he says, I will fear no evil. (Psalm 23)

6) MIRACLES – As God & # 39; s partner He is able to do miracles through us. Every great artist, writer, inventor, or healer, it has made a wonderful thing to be aware of the higher divine source of God working through them. God knows the language, like the feathers of a skilled writer. (Psalm 45: 1)

7) the success and happiness – that for real success into partnership with God and lining up for the purpose and will of their ambitions. When career and life is not contrary to God & # 39; s plan, but the melody and contribute to society and the benefits of co-operation that real happiness and success. In Him we live and move and are. (Acts 17:28)

8) HONESTY – Taking God's partner means that not only, to be honest, but you must be vigorously honest. You can not lie, cheat, steal, or take advantage of anyone. It is impossible for God to lie. (Hebrews 6:18)


9) LOVE – Partnership with God requires walk in love, and love him. God is a God of love, and what is life without love? God says that all things of love and love never fails. It is said that all things work together for good to those who love the Lord. (Romans 8:28)

10) PEACE – If you take God partnership and are aware of his work, have a life of peace and security. God & # 39; and high light in your life you feel safe and reassured that they will not get lost. It is said that the Lord will bless his people with peace. (Psalm 29:11)

I could go on and on. The fact is, God as your partner will have a new zest for life, to reach higher things that are precious and timeless. God allows working in accordance to inherit the best King of kings and enjoy a prosperous and rich life.

Maybe God will bring to the partnership growing prosperity!

Source by BK Smith

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