Please pray for – which of these you want 11 Troubles End?

Everyone is struggling with a unique challenge. The good news is that every challenge is a spiritual solution.

So I thought I would share a few things to experience
some of my readers.

* Some have written to me asking for a special prayer points to release the abundance and prosperity.

* Others want to know why not, having good dreams, as I said, yes.

* Still others dreams and want to know how to pray for the good things they saw the physical manifestation of the dream.

Here & # 39; and how to pray, they face all these challenges.

if you & # 39; ve seen some bad dreams, here & # 39; and how to pray
as soon as you wake up

(laying one hand on the chest)

"I fire back every arrow on behalf of the enemy's dream of Jesus"

If you feel that the success has been eluding you, pray like this:

"All the power that padlocked success, release the key to fire the name of Jesus"

"All the power that engulfed my fate, vomit now the name of Jesus"

If it is not the fear of death, or the feeling that something bad was going to happen, pray like this:

" All the power is sent to the arrow on the death of me, get the arrow to the name of Jesus "

If you feel that the & # 39; very close to a miracle, but the enemy is fighting your discouragement and all pray like this

"on the edge of each battle was a breakthrough, die die die on behalf of Jesus"

If I have a sneaking feeling where it is not currently in your life where you & # 39; allegedly, pray like this:

"I fire back every arrow behalf backwardness of Jesus"

"working on my progress, die die die in the name of Jesus against any Goliath and Pharaoh"

"I release myself from bondage useless hard work in the name of Jesus"

If you or a loved one suffers from any illness or disease, start praying like this:

"Arrow disability was out of my body and go back where you came from, the name of Jesus "

If good things do not last aa hand, here & # 39; and how to pray:

"Every continue Pharaoh, let my life and die in the name of Jesus"

If you discover that you have to fight too hard to achieve success, you & # 39; and how to pray:

"Strengthening All power problems mylife, died, and was buried in the name of Jesus"

"I decree that will have the today sweatless victory in the name of Jesus"

If you are poor and hard to pay the bills, pray like this:

"every legacy of poverty in my life die on behalf of the giant Jesus"

"God arise, all poverty disperse the name of Jesus"

If you have a godly desire to & # 39; ve sought the Lord, and we want to manifest quickly, keep that thing in your head, and
pray like this:

"the God that answers the fire, the fire answer me in Jesus' name"

If you & # 39; Ever felt something moving in your body, you & # 39; and the prayer of the (one hand on his chest):

"arrows programmed into my body, come out right now and enter again the name of Jesus"

Finally, if you want to rule the enemy (spiritual enemies that it can not human beings), then put one of his hands to the sky and regulation like this:

"Oh, that disruption of the Israeli, my gosh wrong today the name of Jesus "

you see, once you learn to pray like this, you do not have to scour the dark feeling lost.

What & # 39; s more, if you consistently sharp shot prayed prayer points like these, many of the problems will soon be a thing of the past.


Source by Elisha Goodman

Feng Shui – Flower

Always take flowers there color (any color sense), the beauty and splendor of the room, but we could think of energy (good or bad) on the flowers, there figures and sizes. Fresh flowers will spread throughout the bouquet. Fresh flowers and plants bring a lot of positive well-being, energy and health romance to your room. Try to place fresh flowers in the living room regularly. Do not let the flowers die at home, that brings bad luck.

The first thing you need to do is clean the room a good energy (chi). Then insert or replace things (furniture), so the energy (chi) flow through the room, do not sit with his back against the door to keep the energy flowing to create harmony and success to your life. You can take a bath or shower. Candles, burn some flower essences or fill the bowl with water and add a few drops of essential oil. (Wild fennel, red clover, Lily).

Walk around the room and some applause to every corner of the interior walls to get rid of bad energy.
Next, fill the house is a good feeling and energy, harmony balls and Feng Shui music.

The color purple was represented Inspiration career. Beige is knowledge, wisdom and training. The colors of green and brown is health, family affairs, harmony and a new life. Light green is associated with wealth, abundance and prosperity. Red, pink, burgundy is happiness, longevity and recognition. Yellow-related relationships, romance and marriage.

Here are some flowers that attract positive energy (chi).

The Narcissus (daffodil) flower good luck for the twelve months if forced to bloom during the New Year.

Peony: Represent your life in a relationship.

Rose brings good fortune and promote love within the family.

Chrysanthemum: Bring happiness, harmony and laughter home.

Lily: symbols of abundance and considered to be one of the eight treasures.

Jasmine and Gardenia: Are the plants friendship.

Bamboo: Youth, perseverance and luck .

Anthuriums: good luck in relationships .

Plum tree: Beauty and youth

to fill the house with good feelings and energy, always intuition
is not simply a traditional Feng Shui concept .
Feng Shui brings happiness, harmony, good luck and money in the home.

Source by Maureen Le Couvreur

Full Moon Magic! Take advantage of the full moon!

The night of the full moon is known for its beauty, healing properties, the fantastic energy and magic!

The power of the full moon is a powerful energy. Many rituals and beliefs of different cultures and religions of the moon using energy. Blue Avalon we believe that the full moon time for the healing of the spirit and objectives recharge time increased to renew the vibrant energy of the full moon!

The following list is my favorite Full Moon rituals, you can do tonight!

1. Fill a pitcher or jug ​​of water and leave overnight in the light of the full moon. The next day, use this water to cleanse the crystals, giving them strength and energy of the full moon! Use this re-energized water not only cleans the crystal, but wash your face to leave you feeling renewed this clean energy blast or wash counters, floors anything you feel could benefit from the magic of the moon!

2. I recently cleaned and smeared the crystals? Take a step further and place the crystals on the windowsill in the evening or them in a crystal bowl and leave them outside under the light, so that they can capture the Moon & # 39; s energy directly!

3. Full Moon Prosperity! It is said that the full moon should be left in your wallet and checkbook open to receive the full moons of energy. It may not bring you millions, but it may help to have enough to pay the bills this month!

4. You can enjoy the traditional symbolic Feng Shui? And then & # 39; Are you sure you & # 39; I have heard of Feng Shui money frog or toad. According to legend, this mythical creature appeared on every full moon, or near homes that will receive plenty of well-being, or have good news! When will place him in the moonlight, and in the morning, to return to the size of the property or inside the front door looking!

5. Looking for love? A red ceramic or glass bowl or glass beads to sort stones into the bowl (purple, red and pink works well). Then stand up three red candles on the pin or bowl. Light the candles on the night of the full moon, and especially against the light yellow flame on the moon. the intention is to be ensured is that this love brings light to a new lover or a deeper love!

6. own power image! You & # 39; I read that many times an image of a moon brings renewable energy, focus and concentration. What better image than a full moon you can take your own camera & # 39; ve seen with your own eyes! Print it out and place it on a table or desk children's increased focus!

7. The high potency of the full moon encourages fertility, passion and exuberance – Write to wish them a silver pen then burn a candle flame e full moon!

8. Moon Meditation is extremely powerful as the full moon is a time to draw down the energy of the moon, and connected to it. Call us guided meditation moon!

Finally, do not forget the most important aspect. Stand in the moonlight, and cast your eyes on the beautiful site before and really enjoy the moment in all its beauty.

© 2007 Fay Chapple

Source by Fay Chapple

Angels – Angel of forgiveness Balthiel

and in the manifestation process & # Forgiveness is an important and indispensable part of 39; s why … if you have any thoughts or emotions that reduces internal vibration, there is something to forgive.

Forgiveness is liberating you from the most simplistic emotional prison. Every negative emotion is caused by the lack or delays attracting prosperity and abundance, clients and customers, and to be able to recognize and say "yes".

Being able to truly forgive others and ourselves in the process, not only delete all channels increased to give and receive, it also increases the internal rate of wealth.

This is not to say that what someone said or did was wrong, or that you are opening yourself to more of the same.

However, this permission so let go of the pain, sparing move forward. Anytime we are able to let go of anything and anyone — — to feel like a burden, raise our inner vibrations.

The Angel of forgiveness Balthiel, will help you understand the truth are passed on to others and yourself. He goes beneath the surface to help the pain you feel that you can get to the root cause, and let us no longer serves you.

Ask Balthiel help you detach from the drama, so you can really see how to free yourself of love and compassion.

He will help you to give up and accept the last part of who you are and embrace the present with an open heart.

Consult emotional healing, liberating your heart and the painful memories and experiences. You can ask for instructions on how to enable healthy boundaries.

Be willing to accept the responsibility for your actions, in part or parts are yours. This is not about which is the complete and full responsibility for everything.

This is not an easy part of the inner journey. It is essential if you are going to move forward is to open all you want, need and desire.

Thoughts and feelings that reduce vibration and reduces the point of attraction. If the point of attraction is low, there is less to attract what you want and more of what you do not want to … it's the law of vibration.

Do not believe me? Look around and experience of the people in your life. You can connect Angelic guides? Did you get the guidance you messages or clarity?

If you answer "no" to any of these questions, then you really need to increase the internal vibrations.

The journey of Heaven and the Angelic Realms of Creation Powers, Virtues and Dominions completed.

special purpose

Each province will help us to heal our relationship with ourselves and the people in our lives, past and present.

each level, there is healing to do. I wish I had a point of completion. Unfortunately, the healing continues we reached the next level of spiritual growth, increased prosperity, and to step out beyond comfort zone into the unknown.

As you open yourself to all that is visible, that is, you will begin to sense energy shifts more intensely and more often. It's nothing to be alarmed about, just remember to breathe and ask for the help of angels embrace the changes with an open heart.

Source by Terrie Marie

Vs The statements confirming the prayer – Is there a difference?

The statements using powerful tools to help you build an enhanced awareness, improve your thinking and change your thinking to change your life. If so uplifting prayer method claims at a higher level in a harmonious and that nature is stronger application of the law of judgments and better results increase work through it on your behalf.

Let me explain the statement prayer / positive difference in the following way: One of the drawbacks that can occur when you talk about the allegations come from well inside his own way of thinking.

Example …
Speech "I am prosperous" sounds like a very good and simple recognition and on the surface it seems like a very good self-talk statement. And most of the. A problem arises, however, when something in the mind / body (probably deep in the subconscious mind), resists the information and "secretly" looking past conditioning triggers refute it. If (hypothetically) you can get information that challenges the confirmation (ie bank statement, a car note bills, etc.) can be neutralized by the statement of his own mind, which limits & # 39; and the effectiveness or even reversing any positive results.

Let & # 39; and talk to says the same idea of ​​"welfare" is an affirmative prayer formats. "Every day and in every way I'm developing enhanced prosperity consciousness I get the power of God through me, and this performance dissolve any past or current-limiting thoughts, known or unknown to me, and delivering to me a mindset of Power, Prosperity, Love and abundance and accept this delivery. Thank God. "

in this example, & # 39; ve eliminated any statement that puts resistance on the mind / body connection. Prayer is one that builds strength, mental clarity and harmony, while the inherent right to initiate growth in nature, compelling us to work through our behalf.

Source by Ed Lemberger

How to stop procrastination and laziness overcome the Easy Way

When you procrastinate, we're not only wasting time, but loses his life. There is no need to delay the life and succumb to laziness!

laziness and lethargy are not personal characteristics. These are just a symptom of a deeper problem: a lack of motivation. It & # 39; s right, it is not inspired to move, act and do when you're not motivated to do so.

How do you get motivated? You & # 39; We got to the goal.

And if we understand some of the basic human psychology, you can gain leverage over their own get into action with almost no effort.

Just as we are human beings, motivated by the fear of pain or hope of experiencing pleasure. These two intelligent power helps to overcome laziness and procrastination forever and help you live a life of productivity, passion and purpose.

four steps to overcome laziness and procrastination. I suggest writing out the following tasks on a piece of paper and review it daily. It is always on the right track and moving forward.

Overcome Procrastination in 4 steps [1945901million]

1. "What do you want to avoid?"

Ask yourself this question, and the answer clear picture of the consequences if we do not act. For example, if you put off going to the gym, what & # 39; and the final result, so that it is not? The poor health, unfit the body, loss of strength, susceptibility to disease, poor self-esteem, etc. Or, if you find yourself unable to sit down and meditate, the consequences could be a lack of clarity, increased stress and anxiety susceptibility to emotional problems, lack of productivity, failure to cultivate spiritual potential, etc.

2. "What do I get?"

When this question to answer, and made me think that a very clear mental picture of what you can win, so that action. In the case of exercise, daily gains can be strong and healthy body, increased energy, higher self-esteem, healthy lifestyle, happier psychology, etc. or in the event that enjoys the meditation practice, profits can be stability, balance, peace , calm, clarity, focus, happiness and gratitude, etc.

3. "We & # 39; sa next step

What & # 39;? and the next thing you need to do is to begin to move towards your goal? This could join a health club. Or waking up 20 minutes to meditate before. Whatever the next step is to clearly identify and write it down. and do it.

it & # 39;.! s important here to realize that you only need to take the next step can not jump on top of a mountain with one bound, so do not try to be one step in a time. Steady as she goes.

4. Repeat steps 1-3.

go through this process every day. Spend a few minutes to show what you want to avoid what you can win, identify the next step and take it.


When we pulled out a vision of what we can achieve and we focus on that every day, getting in on the action automatically. It & # 39; and only when we lose sight of our goal is to succumb to laziness and procrastination is. After all, what & # 39; s the point of bed and into action if you do not know where the & # 39; are you going?

Source by Emil Ihsan Torabi

Should you cut the tree? Trees Feng Shui

harming the tree Helping Me?

One of the most common question we get in our practice of "What to do with my tree?

trees on a beautiful, glorious and vital part of our planet and an integral and recognized vitality the practice of Feng Shui

Although it is true that some trees may block a positive chi is like poison arrows the answer is not to cut off this gift of the beautiful nature, there are ways to work with wood, that Killing living vital part of the best results. nature is not the answer.

Trees associated wiring return oxygen for us to give us the food, shade and protection, we must ensure that we turn do our best to make sure to survive, if possible in a few quick tips Wood.

first tree felling


? Yes, sometimes you have to cut down trees. For example, if a tree is sick, rotten and can not be helped, then this decaying energy will more than likely reduce the good chi in the area, and in fact created the disease and the yin energy, which is very well through the residents of the Home. If you can not be saved, then cut off

2. What about the one before my door?

The most common tree problems of Feng Shui, when the tree directly in front of the door. This effect can also serve as a block in terms of opportunities, prosperity and abundance. But wait, do not cut off! First, remove any branches that allow the flow of chi around as much as possible, the next to hang bells on the tree game is to help the chi around the tree. If you still do it over another wind chime directly to the front door and put a mirror or other reflective decorated by the front door that is essentially a reflection of the trees and challenging energy back away from the door! That should do the trick!

3. Health and Family Trees

The trees are beautiful bring health and well being that you and your family. If you plant trees on most of the big strong easterly direction to the lot to protect this aspect of your life. The pine tree is an ideal in this area, as they ensure a long service life.

4. Protection of Trees

There are many ways that trees actually protects us. We all know that they offer shade and sustenance. But in terms of Feng Shui also offer a way to block provides poison arrows affect us. If there is something us across the road, the tree can be used directly pointing to prevent that energy. The trees also serve as a so-called "mountain support" in Feng Shui. The back of the home there is always something that is tall and supportive – ideally higher than in the home. Fences, neighbors homes, lights offer this support, but ideally tall trees can act strong defenders.

five wooden prosperity and abundance!

Only the trees can bring health and well being – they also bring abundance and prosperity. If you have the opportunity to plant a flowering tree on the property, the SE compass direction (in the area of ​​wealth) is ideal. Trees, flowers and fruits in orange, red, purple or ideal! (Think apples, orange, lavender and, of course!).

Source by Fay Chapple

The Law of Attraction In Action – The Path of despair Let Vs to reach life goals

What & # 39; ve all had those times in life where you wanted something so that we could be the taste, feel or hear. You know what you & # 39; I speak. This could be the girl of your dreams, the car of your dreams or just the dream job you & # 39; I ve always wanted. But one thing is for sure, we all were there.

When things they really want badly, the word comes to my head & # 39; Despair & # 39;.

my experience, nothing leads to the target farther away from you than despair.

It & # 39; s funny, though, that some schools of thoughts desperate equal to the target, or he wanted to so much, shows the universe or God how seriously think that the goal or objective.

Oh, really?

I do not think so personally. It is my experience that they want something enough, or desperate about it only leads one to the wrong decisions. No decisions on the flow or joy or gratitude. No way! If the state of despair, it is almost on the verge of feeling hopeless, or give up completely (negative sense).

Here & # 39; s friend & # 39; After s account of his experience of university studies completed, all in desperate need of money and support, and how to overcome the power of the challenges in taking advantage of remission

"so desperate for money once, I almost feel a money-laundering ring in the circumstances interesting look back. . Looking back it & # 39;. and as if some force out to make wrong decisions through financial desperation Let me move on to the details

girlfriend of four years at the time broke up with me, saying that he needed & # 39;. map & # 39; the first, so there is no obvious reason When I look back, that is meant to protect the fact that he had met someone who met him during the financial needs Note that both students at the time

… So it became a month for three months, then began to drop tidbits is the fact that he started dating a hint for me, once again, that will soon appear in other people told him not to worry as I & # 39th; m in the process of looking for work, so we & # 39; ll put that on the back burner.

I was a fairly decent lad at the time, not worrying a lot of money and material things. The main concerns have been keeping my mind, the body and mind active and positive attitude charitable pursuits.

We turned to the & # 39; The dark side & # 39; I got the call that fateful day, my then-girlfriend, who just wanted to & # 39; Map & # 39;. He called me to explain that he & # 39; ll you sent me some pictures in a new hairstyle. I was like the cool, because he knew I liked her hair cut short. So he sent the photos by e-mail, and I saw this car; This is a very sexy drop top Beetle. I thought it was one of his girlfriend, so I was like, "You look sexy in a car. Which friend of yours has this beauty from her wealthy father," I said jokingly. Then he dropped the bomb on me. He said, "This car is a guy I & # 39; m He had seen & # 39;. And have a successful business and he & # 39; s thirties." My jaw dropped.

Please note that we & # 39; the students. Whatever money I put my side job, I shared this girl because I loved. I was away for a few months to graduate, and an active job search.

When he said those words, I felt as if I was stabbed. We are the salt was a pity that he is considered & # 39; good man & # 39; and why I'm glad with her newfound & # 39; friends & # 39;. I was angry, I started to shout into the phone and then hung up.

Thus began the level of despair and depression. I could not sleep for two nights as my blood was boiling. So I'm aware of the fact that he was moving. The only strange thing is that he wanted to keep in touch with me, I totally against. I was okay with it for a few months and then the whole of December, things have a turn to the worst.

I got an innocent text first, that 'Hey, what are you doing for Christmas? " I was like, 'nothing, just chilling. And you? " Boy, I opened a world of emotional pain for myself asking an innocent question. He went on to tell me how there will be a new friend & # 39; s parents & # 39; s home country during the Christmas holidays and that she can introduce him to her family.

Note that we were together, it was four years and four months later he met this guy. "

Enter desperation level two.

desperation level, two interesting that wants quick money, coupled with the desire for revenge and greed.

" So here I was desperate cash and wanting revenge, to prove that you can get the money, because like my ex girlfriend showed the material well-being was a weakness, and I was a tight end to the scale assets.

I was on a mission to make quick money in as little time as possible, and the evidence to prove that your ex that I can be financially successful as well. A terrible combination! Was I accepted the fact that my ego was injured and emotionally scarred, I have gotten it quicker. But it seems to me there were other plans in life. "

Releasing wants to control the outcome of the situation can be the hardest thing, but perseverance, you will be successful.

" I started hanging out with the wrong crowd, engaging in shady financial transactions, and taking into account money laundering. I just wanted to have it all, money, cars, women. The promise of huge amounts of money in the bank account only to a middle man, very tempting, especially if you are a broke student who had just finished college, and they need jobs to pay the bills.

This was only the second thwarted by dubious financial transactions to realize just was not meant to be, and I have to walk away.

I & # 39; I've heard stories of divine intervention, but I have never experienced such until one day I felt very low because there is no money, ego and a wounded heart.

I was depressed over the road, when suddenly the words rang clear in my mind: ".. You're not a loser was designed to manage all is not lost yet." It felt like the scene in Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King, where Frodo collapses after the fight in the ring Gollum, Shelob external & # 39; s lair. Frodo collapses, you just have to give a hand to the lady Galadriel in the Wood Elves, whispering words of encouragement to him.

was more, but he was so inspired that I bought another one in my life for the better.

I ended all communication with the then ex-girlfriend, who seemed to be getting some sort of twisted pleasure of rubbing in my face all the things that were new to her friend, I could not, because of the costs. In the New Testament of the Bible, Jesus Christ said: "Forgive your enemies 77 x 7" and "turn the other cheek." I do, but that one step further, I will forgive, but instead of forgetting what I remember to keep a mental note, and Chuck has been seen.

started to accepted financial and relationship situations, and want to let go of control of my life in terms of the results achieved goals I set. I started investing in self-help courses, such as the Sedona Method, started the meditation and the emotional freedom technique (EFT) is touched.

really helped me, and I will continue to practice to this day.

Returning to the story, having started the acceptance and letting go, I started going out and dating again, and had relations with three other beautiful young woman. It must be emphasized that this would not have been the case that I was desperate for a relationship. It & # 39; It s strange, because the opposite was true. Not looking for a relationship at all. I was just out for fun.

As for the physical, I began to exercise more and I have had a better place to physical health. I received frequent compliments my physique, and how well I look. Here, we show again that I did not look to some sexy studs. Just exercise because I feel more alive, and the gym was perfect for me to escape dead-end job, and my crappy life circumstances.

Now, with regard to the financial implications of my life, the situation is a little ticklish; I'm stuck between a rock and a hard place. What I mean is that I find it hard not to want more money when the money is just the thing needed to pay the rent, buy food and transportation costs. To really a dilemma for me. I struggled with it for a while, then gave up, never left wanting to control their own financial future.

Understand that want to control it, and to effectively control two different things.

struggled financially for 3 months until I decided to go back to my parents & # 39; home of the city. My entire focus was on rehabilitation followed. But an interesting thing happened: while back, I received two job offers. Here I would like to stress again that I do not want a job at the time. I gave myself six months to regroup myself and landed the job when you are not getting one. "

Thus ends my friend & # 39; s story I gathered enough knowledge to take and I hope the reader gleans some valuable insights

Therefore, the important thing is that something.. they want to want desperately to relative, then let go, they would like to, it seems, in my experience, to push the object further away from the desires of you.

What do you currently desire desperately to the thought of letting go will disappear irresponsible? it's a better career? is it more money to clear the overwhelming debt? it is a partner wants to feel less lonely?

Whatever it is, we think, five years into the future. Imagine that this to achieve the objective. now imagine that in the future I do. What would you tell a struggling self at this moment? Could you tell yourself that remains desperate and needy are concerned about the goal or desire? or do you, as a future self, he says on the fight itself to just relax and your life one day at a time, because eventually you will achieve your goal?

The thing about goals is that sometimes you worry too much, or let the anxiety or pressure to get better for us. The goal may not be obvious if we want to, but it will manifest. One is that the first patient with ourselves, the universe.

Releasing a & # 39; s expectations are the most important. This is not to be confused with inaction. You're doing the right thing than to dream up care, do not you daily show, say the allegations, meditate, pray, whatever it takes to keep that positive mood. But you also have to let go of the attachment to the expected outcome, because the other miracle can manifest to achieve the trip the target, which may or may not notice because you're so obsessed with the specific goal and a limited understanding of its outcome.

So, take a deep breath, relax, and practice letting go of expectations, and accelerate the manifestation of your goal, or vision, or something even better.

There are many courses out there that facilitate the acceptance and release processes. Some of the techniques I use everyday are the Sedona Method and the Silva Life System.

Source by Raul Jose

The subconscious mind and money for life

how powerful the subconscious?

Emile Coué & # 39; the father's allegations, said that when it comes to imagination and willpower of the conflict, the imagination always wins. After reading many stories could be a miraculous cure, but the power of the subconscious mind, it seems he certainly knows what he's talking .. As many people have discovered and confirmed, as Dr. COUE & # 39; s famous experiments, the subconscious is more powerful than the willpower and imagination what drives our lives much more than I ever realized. This much has been written in the subconscious mind and how it is the seat of the imagination, and that the subconscious mind to the power of inspiration and creativity flowing. With this bit of information, it should be pretty easy to understand why all true change and lasting change takes place in all the subconscious.

A few years ago a true story was published in Readers Digest, told that a railroad worker named Nick Sitzman. The story went into considerable detail how Nick froze to death, although it was not cold outside at all. It appears he went into the refrigerated boxcar and accidentally locked the door behind him, locking himself inside. His imagination he saw himself freeze to death, and it is possible that the colder inside the car. Before he died he scratched a note on the wood floor with a knife in his pocket, he says, if someone does not come soon, and save, they would likely be his last words. When you've found the next morning, the man who found him were puzzled when they noticed the signs of having frozen to death, which an autopsy later confirmed. However, the rail car was sidetracked because of the cooling unit was defective, of poor railroader I do not know. When I checked, it was found that the cooling unit is really broken and did not work and the temperature in the car actually never went below 55 degrees. The subconscious is quite powerful that it can kill, if that is what the internal program is set up to do.

So what's this have to do with the money you wonder? Very simply, the subconscious programming is what determines how much money you make; how much it will be able to keep; what kind of work you find yourself; what kind of house will live; what car to drive to the end; the amount you save for retirement; and many other aspects of your life as well. The subconscious money beliefs are out of control far beyond what you may have ever thought possible before, and as long as those beliefs are in control and operating smoothly under the surface, you will continue to experience the same level of financial success, or lack of it, as you & # 39; ve experienced in life until now. The subconscious will see that you do.

So, what can you do to change your financial position now that you know what you & # 39; and control it all? Well, the first thing you need to do is to become aware of these unconscious beliefs and where they came from. Sometimes it & # 39; s handy to have help and guide you so your mind to the surface those beliefs if they do not present themselves easily. Then, if you & # 39; aware of the programs that are running under the surface of consciousness for so long that & # 39; and the question is getting the cooperation of the subconscious mind and asks if you & # 39; They refused to let go of those old programs that you do not spend too good anymore. Once the subconscious to let go of old programming, you will have a clean space where you can then install a more powerful and useful program as to what to serve you better finances, go ahead in life.

That & # 39; and gives an overview of the process, basically, and when done well, the results can be quite strong, and the changes that occur in the outside world begin to happen automatically.

No one can say what the outcome will be for you in life, of course, but the first thing that most people notice the changes in the outlook. How you look and feel your money is shifted, sometimes quite dramatically. You may begin to see the possibilities that even if I did not see any reason. You may see people react differently and better the way you react to energy is not perceived before; maybe a new job or a promotion may present itself and become available to you.

It & # 39; and it's normal that things can change and improve your life, if the internal programming related to money and the relationship that has been updated and improved. I & # 39; Are you sure you & # 39; I have heard it said that any change that you make when you want to be true and the last, must take place in the subconscious. Because it & # 39; and the subconscious is actually in control of the world, and this includes the area of ​​how we live our finances and the level of income as well. To change the experience of money in your life, the first change of internal programming, you will find the outdoor experience will adjust and begin to match the interior upgrades you & # 39; ve made all their own.

Source by Glenn Eades

The challenge of acceptance

One of the most difficult challenges that we all are faced with every day of their adoption. Not only is it sometimes difficult to accept certain things in our lives, but also to understand and cooperate effectively distinguish between what we have to accept, and what we can change is often difficult.

The short form, often have to accept other people as they are. We can ask them to consider change, and why we think we should, but we can not and will not change. We can control them (such as children, students, workers), but we can not and will not change, or the circumstances. They must do that themselves. The only exception is when a young dangerous situation; Sometimes this responsibility in our mind says we must intervene. However, in such a situation, the best way to do this is to seek professional help, and not try to interfere with itself.

Deciding what should be accepted, and what we can change is a perpetual challenge for us.

To be happy we have to accept what we can not or will not, change. It can be very difficult, but essential. Sometimes it is difficult to accept something, you have to accept, and then walk away. This can occur frequently relationships, not only marriages and domestic partnerships, but also a group of friends and professional contacts.

The & # 39; Holy Cow & # 39; The things you can not change those things that you do not want to accept others! The only people who may decide to modify any aspect of themselves or personality. Here's an example:

Mary did not like the way his friend Roy dress, not six as in the direction of his parents, he did not treat them with respect. It is true that Mary should be told Roy he does not like these things, and see if he is ready to change them. However, if he is not willing to change, how to dress and how to talk with their parents, and Mary three options left:

1. He accepts how you choose to be, and to understand that better, she would let me go to the full acceptance and appreciate the different qualities. We also accept that these decisions are his alone and that he did not need them any responsibility; Mary no longer worry about this.

2. He will not accept, and will continue to conflicts and problems the two aspects of the Roy does not like. This is likely to exacerbate the problem, and end up with a lifetime of unhappiness and conflict with, or an ugly separation.

3. He accepts that this is how we choose to understand that it's always bothered too much and walk away from the relationship, the state relaxed its adoption. Both men are likely to be happier, more fulfilling lives.

If the children can not accept the traits, then it is your duty as a parent to guide them, and try to make changes. This requires a lot of respect and to the communication, the child, the differences and the right of the individual. But in the end these kids define their own character and reality. These vary depending on the inspiration and guidance, the likely scenario if the information is reasonable. Or you may choose to go its own way, in this case can only accept children who have chosen to be, and again is one of the examples mentioned above are valid.

I met a lady in one of the seminars, who was a young boy, the murdered another child when she was 12 years old. He was causing a lot of problems before they happen. He tried many ways to reach out and help him, but he refused. It never had a problem and not his father, and they lived in a good neighborhood. We talked for some time about whether he can accept that it was his son and that he chose, so young, his fate.

He said he was afraid to go out in the first two years, and he was ashamed because he thought the people blame him. We agreed that she would not have to love my son or approve of his actions, but instead need to separate the decisions of his life. It had to accept who he is and that he is not at fault. He could not choose that life with him or not.

The most important for him was to go out and keep your head high. She was a good mother, caring person who is entitled to their own lives without the burden of guilt or shame. By helping him to understand that the framework of this situation, to perform her choice, accept the situation and was prepared very grateful.

Once I did not feel shame, he could go and look people in the eye. Quickly changing the reputation of the community, and neighbors and others stopped looking at him like he was punished and instead created a positive response to their positive approach in return. People began to accept him, he was not only the mother to the bad guy!

Acceptance generate more acceptance, but watch out for judgment do the same thing – it attracts more judgment!

Try and make the effort to change things in your life that you do not like and that you have the power to change. I'm not saying you do not want to do anything and just accept that some people will be upset with you that – others will appreciate.

Accept all things in your life or work that you do not like and can not be changed. Understand the real impact on you. Decide whether to remain in a situation where you do not like, but you can not change. The worst thing that we all can do to make ourselves and our motivation to accept the situation can not be changed, and then continue doing nothing but complaining that everybody how bad it is.

What do you think happens? That will meet a magician who can change it? Of course not! That complaining will lighten the load? It will not even make it harder every time you talk about it! The only way to lighten the load, to accept that & # 39; it is what it is & # 39; and can not be changed by you. Then decide if you reframe or view differently, so do not bother any more, or if you have to move yourself in a new situation where you can no longer see him.

Accepting the negative situations in front of us and decide how to move forward, so they no longer bother us essential component of happiness. We can not be regularly complain and be happy! Just do not!

I recently met someone who has a positive situation that bothered them. His best friend has inherited all of a sudden an unknown uncle) to the treasury. It's immensely disturbed by this person, a mix of jealousy and insecurity permeates I had a great friendship. We talked about the need to accept this was an unalterable part of the friendship and celebrate or even walk. But it is necessary not to spoil their happiness, because your friend & # 39; and good luck. You see, they lost nothing! He still had a boyfriend, they had everything the previous day, but they unfortunately gained unpleasant insight into your own ego – a block of jealousy was submitted to the hearts and in the meantime, while the place that towards the positive thoughts of his friend, the friendship was doomed. The problem was, I met not & # 39; Luck & # 39; or a friend!

I had to accept two things

1. He was my friend, really lucky

2. Have you discovered that a jealous and insecure man

The decision to work through a few workouts, and will have a stronger positive person was the ideal result.

Adoption of luck and deeds of others is just as important as the adoption of negative traits. Acceptance of ourselves and who we are today is the first step. Then we plan to move forward towards achieving the great potential that is locked all of us!

Source by Terrie Anderson